Anime club gets an increase in members

From sprightly game nights to relaxing viewing nights, the Animation Expression Society at UCM has shown different forms of entertainment to the students.

The AES has seen an increase in membership due to the addition of different activities and interests from freshmen.

Britt Griffin, a senior graphic design and illustration major and club treasurer, said she’s been attending for three years. She said during her first year, a lot of the members were upperclassmen who graduated.

“It took a while for the club to get back on its feet,” she said.

Sean Keller, former club president and a senior computer science major, said he’s been attending since his high-school years. The club is open to people of all ages on and off campus. He said membership decreased due to only showing anime movies and not having enough activities.

Keller said the club gets a good amount of members the first month of the school year because freshmen want to try out new clubs, but the number of members decreases throughout the semester due to busier schedules.

The AES hosts activities such as discussions and games where paid members can win prizes. The club also hosts viewing nights where club members have the opportunity to vote through a selection of anime and cartoons to pick which ones the club will watch that meeting.

Before beginning the meetings, members must approach the treasurer or president and tell them what shows they would like in the selection.

“People will benefit more from viewing nights in terms of widening their library,” said John Houston, a junior business management major and club member. “I would recommend a viewing night if my friends are trying out anime.”

While there are quite a few people who prefer viewing nights, Randy Johnson, club president and junior animation major, said he noticed members tend to get involved in the game nights more than the viewing nights.

“There is more energy,” he said.

Game nights allow members to interact with one another. Getting good feedback and participation through guessing the theme songs of different cartoons and shows brings fun and laughter to the meetings.

Griffin said the viewing nights aren’t as popular as the game nights because members want to win prizes, but they also enjoy the viewing nights because they get introduced to new anime.

“This generation is more open to watching anime and trying new things,” she said.

The club meets at 7 p.m. Wednesdays in Wood 207. For paid membership, it costs $10 per semester and $20 per school year. For more information, contact the group at animeclubucm@gmail.com or go to its Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/UCMAES/.

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