Author: Erin Wides

Features Editor

Series: Spring stories in Warrensburg

Instructor’s Note: Go out there and find a spring story. Essentially that was the assignment. However, embedded in this simplicity were layers of complexity. The student reporters were each given a list of five challenges to guide the structure and content of their stories. They also drew slips of paper from a box that instructed… Read more »

Journalism taught me more than just writing

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” These words from Winnie the Pooh accurately represent my thoughts on transitioning out of college, specifically with the Muleskinner and moving on to “a big kid” job. I’ve been so lucky to get to work with the staff of the Muleskinner and… Read more »

Ambrose accepts SGA excellence award

Former UCM President Charles Ambrose returned to the university Monday to accept the James C. Kirkpatrick Excellence in Governance award given by the Student Government Association. This annual award is presented to an individual who promotes the public interest, practices good governmental procedures and has shown loyalty to the university. Ambrose left UCM August 2018… Read more »

UCM is going to the dogs

Furry friends with wagging tails will be finding their way to the Elliott Student Union Mall in support of THRIVE. From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursday, students can pet, play with and love on dogs during the event organized by the student-led group Innovative Public Relations. This group worked with the Union Cinema as… Read more »

Former teacher finds purpose podcasting

Once a small bedroom, now transformed into a welcoming space for people to share their stories. A chalkboard wall, slowly filling with quotes, stands behind Jill Szoo Wilson and her guests. Szoo Wilson is the producer and host of the podcast, “Small Town. Big Stories.” The tagline — “Finding purpose wherever you are.” It has… Read more »

UCM superhero to many moves on to her next challenge

The Student Activities Office was recently filled with hugs, tears and laughter. What started as a blank canvas laid out on a table, quickly filled with messages of good luck. More than 50 friends and coworkers gathered to celebrate the friendship and service of Emily Bergsieker on March 6. A slideshow flipped through photos and… Read more »

New TRIO lounge creates more space for students

An empty classroom in the Humphreys Building was recently transformed into a lounge with couches, tables, whiteboards, a projector and more — all for TRIO students to use as they see fit. At the end of fall semester, UCM reorganized its various departments into schools and a class that was previously taught on the first… Read more »

‘August: Osage County’ tackles families coping with addiction

“August: Osage County” was chosen to be performed at UCM because when doing research for his Ph.D., instructor of theatre, Aaron Scully realized how playwriting and theater can aid in understanding alcoholism and addiction. This production will be Scully’s directorial debut for the UCM Theatre and Dance mainstage season according to a press release. In… Read more »