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‘Elysium:’ a well-paced action adventure

By ANDREW LINK (digitalBURG) — Matt Damon and Jodie Foster need no introductions, which is always something that should make a viewer wary of poor writing and production. It’s a weird regression wherein actors get famous by being in fantastic films and then stay famous by being a Band-Aid on horrible wounds inflicted upon the… Read more »

Missouri Editorials

The Associated Press St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Aug. 4 Note to Missouri lawmakers: The constitution is not a Chinese buffet T.J. McKenna should re-read his oath of office. Mr. McKenna is a Democrat state representative from Festus who last week told Associated Press reporter David Lieb that he was prepared to cast a vote in September… Read more »

City proposes to take over tourism function

Dear Editor, As a 25-year veteran of the tourism/lodging industry, I have mixed feelings about the proposal to remove the tourism function from the Chamber of Commerce and place it directly under the city. First some background: The tourism tax passed by only a 3.4 percent margin (44 votes) in 1998. Obviously, many voters doubted… Read more »

‘2 Guns’: great cinematography, terrible screenplay

By ANDREW LINK (digitalBURG) — It’s probably unfair to expect much out of a movie when the director got his degree from a drama school in Iceland (sorry, Baltasar Kormákur). Fortunately for “2 Guns,” the casting agents were willing to sell their souls to sign a list of stars long enough to make a NASA… Read more »

Sheriff escorts the president

Dear editor, I noted in your news article about the president going from Whiteman to Warrensburg that Sheriff Heiss led the procession and said that he was very excited to do so. I wouldn’t think that he would even do that after all the derogatory things he has said about our president. Doing this allowed… Read more »

‘Wolverine,’ a summer movie that finally delivers

By ANDREW LINK (digitalBURG) — Marvel promised a different type of superhero movie with “The Wolverine” and made some giant leaps toward fulfilling this promise. It’s easy to forget that you’re watching a superhero film for long stretches. While it’s not exactly as dark as, well, “The Dark Knight,” the story delves into the life… Read more »

UCM president thanks community

Dear Members of the Campus Community and Friends of UCM: The University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg and surrounding communities can be very proud of the cooperative spirit and strong sense of community that contributed to a successful, history-making visit by President Barack Obama on July 24. We can agree that it is not every day… Read more »

‘R.I.P.D.’: another forced summer film

By ANDREW LINK (digitalBURG) — Ryan Reynolds just can’t seem to catch a break in Hollywood. I’ve always thought of him as a male Tara Reid since they seemed to show up at the same time, became inexplicably famous, and then plummeted straight down from then onward. They’re like party guests that really, honestly care… Read more »

Missouri Editorials

The Associated Press The St. Joseph News-Press, July 14 Humane option needed At first, the idea of horse slaughter seems distasteful. When considering the bigger picture, however, it becomes apparent the practice actually is a needed option. Northwest Missouri is in the midst of this ongoing controversy. Rains Natural Meats of Gallatin, Mo., is working… Read more »