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Avengers: Infinity War (Holy Crap)

If I could summarize what I felt when leaving the theater in two words it would be: Holy crap. This movies is amazing. Go see it now. Don’t read this, just go see it. Forget about your finals and your college grades, it doesn’t matter if you fail. Go see “Avengers: Infinity War” now. After… Read more »

Cutting the president’s salary is not the answer

The president of our university earns more than anyone else at our university. In the university’s current financial climate, it is understandable that a little more attention has been given to that fact. The attention has become more prevalent and more open. It is also a bit misguided. At the student forum held on April… Read more »

Design Illustrator says goodbye

(WARRENSBURG, Mo.)-When I transferred to UCM two years ago, I picked up a Muleskinner print paper with a big Pikachu on the front sitting in a news stand. Inside the paper there was an ad that read, “Do you like to draw? The Muleskinner is seeking illustrators looking to improve their portfolio with comics, graphics… Read more »

Managing editor says goodbye

(WARRENSBURG, Mo.) –This paper – the one you’re not actually holding due to our abeyance – is my last paper at UCM. I’m leaving and so is a good chunk of my staff. They’re going off in their own ways after graduation – some back home, some to other jobs or off traveling. Wherever we’re… Read more »

Lifestyle editor says goodbye

(WARRENSBURG, Mo.) –When I started working at the Muleskinner two years ago, I had no idea the impact it would have on my life. Working with such driven, intelligent individuals has pushed me to be a better and more confident person, writer and journalist. I owe so much of who I am to this place…. Read more »

News editor says goodbye

The news editor at the Muleskinner is in charge of writing and editing news stories, talking to and guiding contributors, being the right hand of the managing editor and various other duties that are picked up as needed. I took my position as the news editor very seriously. I gave as much as I could… Read more »

Top Ten MCU Movies… So Far

(WARRENSBURG, Mo.) – Over the past school year, I’ve written a lot about the Marvel Cinematic Universe – it’s not my fault they have a monopoly on movie theaters – and now I’m going to write about the MCU some more. Today, “Avengers: Infinity War” hits theaters. To celebrate it, and the franchise’s ten-year anniversary,… Read more »