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Sheriff escorts the president

Dear editor, I noted in your news article about the president going from Whiteman to Warrensburg that Sheriff Heiss led the procession and said that he was very excited to do so. I wouldn’t think that he would even do that after all the derogatory things he has said about our president. Doing this allowed… Read more »

‘Wolverine,’ a summer movie that finally delivers

By ANDREW LINK (digitalBURG) — Marvel promised a different type of superhero movie with “The Wolverine” and made some giant leaps toward fulfilling this promise. It’s easy to forget that you’re watching a superhero film for long stretches. While it’s not exactly as dark as, well, “The Dark Knight,” the story delves into the life… Read more »

UCM president thanks community

Dear Members of the Campus Community and Friends of UCM: The University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg and surrounding communities can be very proud of the cooperative spirit and strong sense of community that contributed to a successful, history-making visit by President Barack Obama on July 24. We can agree that it is not every day… Read more »

‘R.I.P.D.’: another forced summer film

By ANDREW LINK (digitalBURG) — Ryan Reynolds just can’t seem to catch a break in Hollywood. I’ve always thought of him as a male Tara Reid since they seemed to show up at the same time, became inexplicably famous, and then plummeted straight down from then onward. They’re like party guests that really, honestly care… Read more »

Missouri Editorials

The Associated Press The St. Joseph News-Press, July 14 Humane option needed At first, the idea of horse slaughter seems distasteful. When considering the bigger picture, however, it becomes apparent the practice actually is a needed option. Northwest Missouri is in the midst of this ongoing controversy. Rains Natural Meats of Gallatin, Mo., is working… Read more »

Statewide Editorials

(The Associated Press) Jefferson City News-Tribune, July 8 Revival of gas chamber an unlikely option A vast divide may separate what is possible and what is probable. Attorney General Chris Koster has advanced the idea of reviving use of a gas chamber to carry out Missouri executions. The concept is possible; state statutes list death… Read more »

Fitness: Tips on taking care of your legs

By CARLA MOCK (digitalBURG) – Do you avoid wearing shorts? Many people may feel reluctant to bare their legs for a number of reasons. There are a number of ways to take care of your legs – inside and out. Exercise: If you want those sexy summer legs, you’ve got to exercise. Exercise is the… Read more »

‘White House Down:’ what summer movie filler should be

By ANDREW LINK (digitalBURG) — It can be difficult to tell from a trailer whether an action movie is going to be worth seeing. They all kind of have that same-y feel. A train derails, a plane explodes, someone says a one-liner while he blasts 50 rounds from a pistol that has infinite ammunition. It’s… Read more »

“World War Z:” worthy of the zombie genre

By ANDREW LINK (digitalBURG) – There are several problems that have always prevented the zombie genre from really being scary. Sure, they’re relentless and tireless and want to tear your guts out, but zombies tend to be those shambling, meandering slack-jaws that everyone is sure they’d never die to. Yeah, everyone else will get eaten, but… Read more »