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Statewide Editorials

(The Associated Press) Jefferson City News-Tribune, July 8 Revival of gas chamber an unlikely option A vast divide may separate what is possible and what is probable. Attorney General Chris Koster has advanced the idea of reviving use of a gas chamber to carry out Missouri executions. The concept is possible; state statutes list death… Read more »

Fitness: Tips on taking care of your legs

By CARLA MOCK (digitalBURG) – Do you avoid wearing shorts? Many people may feel reluctant to bare their legs for a number of reasons. There are a number of ways to take care of your legs – inside and out. Exercise: If you want those sexy summer legs, you’ve got to exercise. Exercise is the… Read more »

‘White House Down:’ what summer movie filler should be

By ANDREW LINK (digitalBURG) — It can be difficult to tell from a trailer whether an action movie is going to be worth seeing. They all kind of have that same-y feel. A train derails, a plane explodes, someone says a one-liner while he blasts 50 rounds from a pistol that has infinite ammunition. It’s… Read more »

“World War Z:” worthy of the zombie genre

By ANDREW LINK (digitalBURG) – There are several problems that have always prevented the zombie genre from really being scary. Sure, they’re relentless and tireless and want to tear your guts out, but zombies tend to be those shambling, meandering slack-jaws that everyone is sure they’d never die to. Yeah, everyone else will get eaten, but… Read more »

“Man of Steel” comes back swinging

By ANDREW LINK (digitalBURG) – To the rather large chunk of people who are going to see “Man of Steel” regardless of what I say: Yes, the 3D is worth the few extra bucks. No, there is nothing after the credits. Becoming something that isn’t the hero portrayed in issue number one of his comic… Read more »

Game of Thrones closes season three

By ANDY LYONS (digitalBURG) – The finale of season three of “Game of Thrones” did exactly what I expected it to: set up season four. The season was based on the first half of the third book in George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” series, “A Storm of Swords.” The episode really… Read more »

Oregan waterfalls and sand sculptures

By SANDY IRLE (digitalBURG) – Oregon offers wonderful sights, wide-ranging recreation and sumptuous food to the summer traveler. This trip took us to more than 40 waterfalls while hiking about 27 miles. Traveling east from Portland and Troutdale, the Columbia River Scenic Highway serves as the nation’s oldest scenic highway with breathtaking views of the… Read more »

‘The Internship’ review

By ANDREW LINK (digitalBURG) – Welcome to another movie starring Owen Wilson as Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn as Vince Vaughn. “The Internship” is written by Vaughn, presumably to ensure he and Wilson weren’t in any way pushed to do something different than they’re used to. The movie is directed by Sean Levy, who has… Read more »

Finding Thunder Canyon Falls at last

By MARK IRLE (digitalBURG) — My most recent solo hike was another trip into the Boston Mountains in Arkansas. As usual, finding my objective, Thunder Canyon Falls, wasn’t easy. This was my second attempt at finding this special waterfall. The first time I tried to find it I was hiking with my wife, Sandy. The guidebook we were using… Read more »

Game of Thrones: Finale draws near

By ANDY LYONS (digitalBURG) – “Game of Thrones” is known to kill main characters as they are on the rise. Sunday’s ninth episode of season three was no exception, and left plenty of unanswered questions as the credits rolled. The bulk of season three has centered on Robb Stark and his marriage to Talisa of… Read more »