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Mo. health insurance aid

Dear Editor, The federal subsidy for health coverage for the 525,000 Missouri residents has me very concerned. The Missouri residents that fall in or under the poverty level would benefit greatly, but overall this is a bad thing. With the annual poverty level being just under $24,000, the government should really re-consider this plan. “That… Read more »

TV: “The Walking Dead” — “This Sorrowful Life” episode

Story by Joshua Leonard, for The Muleskinner – “This Sorrowful Life” episode reminded me why I love “The Walking Dead.” The episode had a lot of zombie-killing gore, but most of all, it had emotion. The emotion of the show is what captivates me and keeps me watching every Sunday night. “This Sorrowful Life” was… Read more »

‘Learning to a Greater Degree Contract’

Dear Editor, The University of Central Missouri’s Board of Governors took a bold and necessary step forward when it adopted the conceptual “Learning to a Greater Degree Contract” as a way to help ensure students stay in school, graduate on time, and leave the University with a degree that has more value in a rapidly… Read more »

Taking a peek at Indian Creek

By MARK IRLE (digitalBURG) – For years I met with a bunch of friends in Arkansas and camped at Kyle’s Landing on the Buffalo River in early spring. It’s a great time to canoe the river while it’s flowing swiftly. Little did we know that just behind our campsites was one of the premier waterfall… Read more »

Tax credits

Dear Editor, Policymakers have used economic development tax credits to gamble with taxpayer money for years, but the results have been disappointing. Missouri continues to fall behind our neighbors, and today we are in the basement in economic growth and job growth compared to the rest of the country. Tax credits are real money that… Read more »

A glimpse of India’s Golden Triangle

By SANDY IRLE (digitalBURG) – Three weeks in India is just enough time to get a snapshot of life there. New Delhi is an amazing city full of contradictions. The pollution is horrific, colors are spectacular, traffic is overwhelming and people friendly. Your senses are so bombarded that it can seem taxing just to get to… Read more »

Movie Review: “A Good Day to Die Hard”

Story by Joshua Leonard, for The Muleskinner— “A Good Day to Die Hard,” the fifth installment of the “Die Hard” franchise, was a decent action movie, but not a good “Die Hard” movie. In this film, John McClane (Bruce Willis) takes a ‘vacation’ to Moscow, Russia, to visit his son, Jack McClane, aka John McClane… Read more »

“The Walking Dead”: “Home” episode

Story by Joshua Leonard, for The Muleskinner— Sunday’s episode, “Home”, should have been the mid-season premiere. “Home” gave “The Walking Dead” fans everything we want out of season three. Spoiler alert: “Home” starts where we left off with the end of “Suicide King.” Rick is still off his rocker and chasing around a dead Lori… Read more »

Tax structure

Dear Editor, The debate about tax structure is not some egghead, ivory-tower issue, and Missouri is about to find this out firsthand. Last year, Kansas eliminated its tax on the pass-through income of LLCs, S-Corporations, and sole proprietorships, and the state is looking to cut income taxes further this year. Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback’s explicit… Read more »

The beautiful sights and secrets of Cuenca

By SANDY IRLE (digitalBURG) – After a week of relaxation in beautiful La Manga del Mar Menor, Spain, it was an easy day trip by train to Cuenca (pronounced KWEN-ka). Our destination was the Cuenca Parador, the former 16th century San Pablo convent converted by the Spanish government into a hotel. Riding in a taxi… Read more »