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Medicaid expansion

Dear Editor, Late last month, Gov. Jay Nixon announced he would support an expansion of Missouri’s Medicaid program under ObamaCare. “[Expanding Medicaid is] the smart thing to do, and it’s the right thing to do,” he said. Although one could describe Gov. Nixon’s announcement in many ways, “smart” and “right” would not appear in the parade… Read more »

Potty breaks and leftovers — the holiday culture shock

By SEAN McCARRELL (PILOT GROVE, Mo., digitalBURG) – As is tradition around the holidays, friends and family get together to share in the joyous occasion of awkwardly explaining the last year of their lives to one another in the most positive way possible. The most fascinating aspect of this, other than finding out why cousin… Read more »

The perils of holiday driving

By JASON STRICKLAND (digitalBURG) – At about 3:15 p.m. on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, I began the 120-mile journey back to UCM from Fulton, Mo., after fall break. There are two main ways to get from Fulton to Warrensburg – U.S. 50 and I-70. I chose the latter – bad choice. Almost an hour into… Read more »

Lake Superior drive, why limit happy to an hour?

By SANDY IRLE (digitalBURG) – This past summer, Mark and I started a Lake Superior trip by driving to Minnesota to visit a friend I met during a family vacation. Although I’ve known her for 33 years, I’ve only spent 26 days with her, one day a year when Minnesota is on the way to… Read more »

Tax incentive reform

Dear Editor, Missouri’s economy is suffering, and at least part of the blame can be laid at the feet of a state development culture intent on picking winners and losers in the tax code. Too often Tax Increment Financing (TIF) decisions hurt local schools, libraries, and other services dependent on property taxes for no credible… Read more »

Rome in winter

By SANDY IRLE (digitalBURG) – Not being a fan of big cities, I have to say that Rome is amazing. I could happily live in Rome. We arrived at the end of December and the temperature was mild, jacket weather. We had rented a room online and, upon arrival, entered through a beautiful tiled driveway… Read more »

A great time to visit the river

By SANDY IRLE – It’s always a great time to visit the river. For our anniversary, my husband Mark and I have often travel a short section of the Great River Road. The GRR is more than 3,000 miles long and takes you through 10 states from New Orleans to Minnesota. This section was an… Read more »

Waterfall chasing in Washington

By SANDY IRLE (digitalBURG) — We love waterfalls, and that brought us to Washington. Arriving on a late flight to Seattle (which yielded a serendipitous surprise later in the trip), I booked a room near the airport. The next morning found us in a rental car and navigating the steep one-way streets of Seattle’s historic… Read more »