Chucking shells and cutting corners, Spotlight hosts unique race

From left, William Hyde, a junior marketing major, and Jordan Klingensmith, a senior aviation major, race each other around the track on the Lower Courts at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center. "Those things need padding," Klingensmith said once he finished his race. (Photo by Katie Younts/For the Muleskinner)

The Student Recreation and Wellness Center recently turned into the UCM Speedway as The Spotlight hosted a “Mario Kart”-themed race.

Ninety-four people came to race Wednesday, Sept. 19, on a track outlined by cones as The Spotlight members threw dodgeballs at them. In the video game, racers chuck turtle shells at one another. Drawings of the characters from “Mario Kart” were set up around the course.

Taylor Kemna, recreation and leisure coordinator for The Spotlight, said she created this event to help keep students active and relaxed.

Photo by Katie Younts/For the Muleskinner

Taylor Kemna, the recreation and leisure coordinator for The Spotlight, incorporates the “Mario Kart” theme by chucking a dodgeball at Tommy Sevart, a senior music technology major, as he swerves to miss. The dodgeballs were used in place of “shells” just like the actual game.

“I create different ideas, and I try to take popular things like ‘Mario Kart’ and make them events,” said Kemna, a senior criminal justice and crisis disaster management major. “I looked for something close to go-karts and we found tricycles.”

A TV was set up near the starting line where students could play “Mario Kart” on a Nintendo Wii while they waited their turn to race.

Shawn Becker, a freshman math and wildlife biology major, was there all four hours and said he won first place 30 to 40 times.

“It was really cool, actually,” Becker said. “During my second race, I was positioned in the back so new people could be in front. There was a divide in the track, so everyone went right and I went left and I almost ran right into Princess Peach.”

He said turning was probably the hardest part about the race, but after a while he got the hang of it.

Trisha McKinnon, a freshman wildlife biology major, said she had a lot of fun racing, especially with her friends.

“Turning on the bikes was the hardest thing,” McKinnon said. “I hope they come back and have this every year.”

Abbey Bollinger, a comedy coordinator for The Spotlight, said it could become an annual thing for Student Activities.

“I think people really enjoyed it,” Bollinger said.

For more information about The Spotlight or a list of events for fall 2018, visit https://www.ucmo.edu/current-students/student-experience/the-spotlight/index.php.

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