Faces of UCM (Spring 2020-Episode 4): Eric Boedeker

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This week on “Faces of UCM,” we sit down with Eric Boedeker and learn about one of his favorite hobbies: streaming.

Eric is a two-time regional Emmy award winning producer at KMOS, located on the UCM campus. Eric is also an avid gamer, and up-and-coming streamer.

Video game streaming is getting a camera and a mic and broadcasting video games onto a platform, such as Twitch, Mixer, or even Facebook Live. Eric first discovered streaming when he happened upon a Twitch streamer attempting to speed-run Super Mario 64. Eric enjoys producing video and motion graphics at KMOS, and wants to bring his video and graphics skills over to his stream.

One of Eric’s favorite streamers is Dr. Disrespect. “He puts on a very entertaining stream, and he’s also very good at the games he plays.”

Eric’s top video games to play include “Destiny 2,” “Call of Duty” and “The Outer Worlds.” Playing video games is only half of streaming. Streamers also need to be able to entertain their audience and keep them hooked. Eric explained how he attempts to do that with his channel, “I’m really going to have to work on talking to the audience, and talking in general. I don’t talk a lot in general.”

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