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How to survive your freshman year

College is a stressful time. Some feel like they are in the shallow end, and others feel like they are drowning in the deep end.

So here’s to the freshmen, and what college students wish they knew before taking off their life vests and drowning in the craziness of college (you really don’t drown, everything will be A-OK).

There are some things you could do to better handle class and homework. Samantha Cashion, a senior at UCM, suggests using a planner, getting a library study room and study buddies.

Going to class may seem like the hardest thing in the world, but if you can say that you didn’t skip out on class, you are already doing 90 percent better than the rest of the student population. I was lucky enough to say that my first year of college I did not miss a class. That alone made me feel like I was a responsible college student and on top of things.

There are numerous opportunities to make friends. Campus life has clubs, honor societies, Greek organizations, athletics and even on-campus jobs that allow students to connect with others that have similar interests.

Mary Claire Peterson, a senior at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, said be proactive.

“Don’t just wait for friends to come to you; take the initiative and talk to someone,” she said.   

Someone has to take the first step and it might as well be you.

Balancing school and a social life is also important. Just focus on one activity at a time. I am a person who likes to spread myself too thin and be involved in everything. Unlike high school, you physically cannot jump into every activity in college.

Save a couple hours for friends and a couple hours for homework every day. It is OK to take a break from school, and it is OK to tell your friends no.

Save a couple hours for yourself to help manage stress.

“Take time to do something that you love. Self-care is key,” said Jordan Sachse, my sister at Kansas State University.

She makes it sound quite simple.  Dealing with your own stress is incredibly important. Seek help from a counselor, talk to friends or talk to teachers.

There are advisors at school who are there specifically to help you figure it all out.

Being homesick tends to happen. This is an appropriate feeling. Call whoever you need to call every day. Just don’t go home every weekend. It is a bad habit to get into and you will miss out. Just give that quick call home and go hangout with friends.

Overall, everything will be OK. College is a roller coaster, but you are not alone. It may seem like your peers are excelling, but they also have their stresses.

Take opportunities and don’t regret not doing something. You will have the lowest lows, but you will also have the highest highs. You only go to college once. Live it up!

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