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I ain’t afraid of no ghost!

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VIDEO BY KAITLIN BROTHERS / MULTIMEDIA EDITOR (WARRENSBURG, Mo.)–Spotlight hosted “Horror University” in the Union Ballroom Thursday, Nov. 1 from 7 to 10 p.m. for students to play games, eat food, make crafts and compete in the costume contest.

There were many other activities, including “pin the bone on the skeleton,” “ghost bowling,” “pumpkin golf,” painting pumpkins, “spider races,” pumpkin tic-tac-toe, bean bag toss, balloon darts, mystery boxes and more. The top three winners of the costume contest won a gift card worth $15.

Emily Bergsieker, assistant director of student activities and advisor of Spotlight, said these on-campus events like Spotlight’s, are important to have so students have a safe way of having fun and meeting new people.

“I think it gives everybody an option to experience, whether it’s Halloween or whatever type of event we do, with the non-alcoholic parts involved,” Bergseiker said. “It just brings everybody together to have fun for an event.”

Daniel Bueschter, a junior marketing major, said these types of events have value for students to hang out with friends and unwind.

“I think events like these are important because it’s a really good stress reliever,” Bueschter said. “I know a lot of people like me have really busy schedules and sometimes it gets a little overwhelming, so these are really good events to go to when you’re at that point. You forget about all your stress and just have fun with all your friends.”

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