Students play bingo for chance at free groceries

Days Clinton, a sophomore criminal justice and forensic science major, covers B-36 in hopes to win free groceries.

B-4 could have been breakfast.

O-39 could have meant new cookware.

G-72 could have turned into a dessert.

When students entered Room 237A in the Elliott Student Union on Thursday to participate in Grocery Bingo, The Spotlight was offering them free Sobe, tea and water. Spotlight was also encouraging students to take a Sodexo survey where they could win $100 dining dollars.

But people showed up mainly for one thing: a chance to win free groceries. Students had the opportunity to win cookies, waffles, dining gift cards, Halloween candy, pots and pans and much more.

Madison Thompson, a sophomore accounting major, said her roommate invited her to the event. By the end of the night, Thompson said she didn’t regret attending.

“I had a really fun time meeting new people and hanging out,” Thompson said. “I enjoyed seeing the excitement that the people had about getting a bingo. People were extremely excited about getting a bingo.”

First, there were three fast rounds of bingo to give students the chance to win $10 dining gift cards. The fast rounds were followed by regular bingo. By the end of the night, students were winning bingo by a variety of unique patterns.

Giggles, beaming smiles, humor and anger were all signs that showed how much students wanted free groceries. After one would win a bingo, students were hyped to enter the next round.

Whether or not they left with groceries, students left with smiles, good memories and free drinks in hand.

“This was my first Mules After Dark Spotlight experience,” Thompson said. “I thought the big Spotlight events were really fun, but the small events are fun too.”

  • Daris Roberts, a freshman industrial engineering major, wins rock-paper-scissors and chooses waffles, syrup and bacon as his prize.
  • Days Clinton, a sophomore criminal justice and forensic science major, covers B-36 in hopes to win free groceries.
  • Cierra Rodenbaugh, a sophomore political science major, waits patiently along with approximately 50 other students.
  • Shantel White, a sophomore business management major, is in distress as the Spotlight director continuously shouts while in the fast round.
  • Madison Thompson, a sophomore accounting major, timidly gazes at the bingo screen to see if she is close to a bingo.
  • Alicia Resch, a senior elementary education major, is focused on winning the cookies and Oreos.
  • Dahnae Meriwether, a sophomore education major, realizes she has one more spot to fill to win bingo.
  • Hugo Hidalgo, a junior construction management and political science major, focuses while hearing G-63.

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