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Faces of UCM (Spring 2020-Episode 4): Eric Boedeker

This week on “Faces of UCM,” we sit down with Eric Boedeker and learn about one of his favorite hobbies: streaming. Eric is a two-time regional Emmy award winning producer at KMOS, located on the UCM campus. Eric is also an avid gamer, and up-and-coming streamer. Video game streaming is getting a camera and a… Read more »

Faces of UCM (Spring 2020-Episode 3): Roy Millen

This week on Faces of UCM we interview three-time Emmy-winning producer Roy Millen. Millen works for KMOS-TV, located on campus at the University of Central Missouri.  Millen won his awards producing Missouri Life, a travelogue program that gave its viewers a glimpse into the Show-Me State’s hidden treasures.  In addition to his documentary production, Millen… Read more »

Faces of UCM (Spring 2020-Episode 2): Greg Hassler

Many listen to his voice on the radio, but not many know the face behind the calls. University of Central Missouri athletics play-by-play announcer Greg Hassler is this week’s special guest on Faces of UCM. “I wasn’t very good,” Greg Hassler jokingly says. Hassler’s high school and college days of swinging the club may not… Read more »

Faces of UCM (Spring 2020-Episode 1): Dr. Stephen Price

“Faces of UCM” is regular feature spotlighting a member of the UCM community. The focus this week is on Dr. Stephen Price. Price works as an associate professor in the Digital Media Production program within our School of Communication, History and Interdisciplinary Studies, and leads the Media Creators Association along with Dr. Mark von Schlemmer…. Read more »

FACES of UCM: Katie Kim

(WARRENSBURG, Mo.) –Growing up in Oak Grove, Missouri, UCM junior Katie Kim was not exposed to that much diversity. That changed when she requested to room with an international student her freshman year. “I had no idea what to expect, I just asked for an international roommate and didn’t know what country she would come… Read more »

Faces of UCM: Lacee Stanley

(WARRENSBURG, Mo.) – Lacee Stanley wants to make an impact in somebody’s life. After taking American Sign Language classes at UCM, she realized teaching deaf children was how she was going to do it. “I just want to help deaf kids really bad,” Stanley said. “I thought if I could help kids express themselves that it… Read more »

Faces of UCM: Jacob Clark

VIDEO BY KAITLIN BROTHERS / MULTIMEDIA EDITOR (WARRENSBURG, Mo.)–Jacob Clark, a junior digital media production major, has worked at KMOS TV for the past two years and is the president of the filmmakers and actors coalition. He has very high goals after college of becoming a famous movie director by using his various experience and… Read more »

Faces of UCM: Connor Bosworth

VIDEO BY KAITLIN BROTHERS / MULTIMEDIA EDITOR (WARRENSBURG, Mo.)–Connor Bosworth is a senior theater student majoring in performance, and has loved performing all his life. He has been an actor in many theater productions at UCM, as well as act in films for the 48 Hour Film Festivals. “There’s something about standing on this stage… Read more »

Faces of UCM: Abyana Botan

(WARRENSBURG, Mo.) – Abyana Botan believes self-love is everything. The freshman digital media production major said she grew up feeling a little out of place, but now embraces who she is. “I was basically the only black person in my school, so I’d get bullied for that – not bullied, but just looked at differently because… Read more »

Faces of UCM: Vernon Percy ‘VP’ Howard III

(WARRENSBURG, Mo.) – A saxophone sat in the front corner of  Vernon Percy “VP” Howard III’s living room, catching the rays of the autumn sun setting as shadows danced across his walls. Papers lined his counters with lyrics he had yet to complete, scribbled up with asterisks, doodles and lines he had either crossed out or… Read more »