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College style evolution

By SHELBY BILBRUCK Columnist I’m graduating next week, making this my last column for the Muleskinner. The only idea I could think of to write about for my last article is nothing other than my experience with style evolution and how it doesn’t end after graduation. Think about freshman year. For me, this was the… Read more »

Making morning routines shorter

By SHELBY BILBRUCK Columnist It’s the end of the school year, and you’re probably trying to sleep in as late as you can before you’re forced to get up for class. There are some tricks you can do to save time in the morning so you can catch a few more z’s before starting your… Read more »

Fight the frizz

By SHELBY BILBRUCK Columnist Short hair, long hair, straight hair, curly hair. I don’t care what type of hair you have. Frizz effects you every now and then. However, there are ways to prevent and control the frizz before you even step into the humidity. Start with what products you use in the shower. Your… Read more »

Spring clean your shoes

By SHELBY BILBRUCK Columnist Spring means spring showers, which means trudging through campus in soaking wet, most likely muddy, shoes. Keeping them clean and fitting right is important, but seemingly impossible this time of year. Start caring for your shoes by purchasing a shoe tree and inserting it into your shoes, especially leather ones. Shoe… Read more »

Shopping spree for free

By SHELBY BILBRUCK Columnist Shopping for new clothes is one of my favorite activities, but with a college budget, finding cute, quality clothes in my price range can be hard. That’s why I’ve chosen to get them for free. There are freebies and giveaways everywhere. All you have to do is enter them and wait… Read more »

Hot hair color trends

By SHELBY BILBRUCK Columnist With spring around the corner, it’s time to start switching out your winter color palette for your spring one. I’m not only talking about your wardrobe color palette here, but your hair too. Expect to see colors like rose quartz, lilac grey and limpet shell blue splash across clothing this spring,… Read more »

Keep your feet fresh

By SHELBY BILBRUCK Columnist One thing that can ruin your favorite pairs of shoes is having stinky feet walk in them day after day. There are many ways to keep the stink away and keep your shoes smelling like they’re fresh out of the box. The easiest way to make sure your shoes don’t stink… Read more »

Scrap up your scarves

By SHELBY BILBRUCK Columnist If you have last year’s scarves hanging off your doorknobs, falling from your shelves and balled up in your dresser, it may be time to make way for the new ones you’ve probably already bought. Instead of throwing them out, try some of these re-purposing tricks instead! Instead of wearing your… Read more »

Fashion: Look suitable for interviews

By SHELBY BILBRUCK Columnist (WARRENSBURG, Mo., digitalBURG) — With job fairs and mock interviews popping up all over campus, it’s good to know two things: how to answer the dreaded “tell me about yourself” question and how to dress to the nines to help land any interview. When it comes to professional dress, you should always have… Read more »