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UCM Spotlight hosts Disco Bingo

The university’s student organization the Spotlight is hosting Disco Bingo at 8 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 14 in the Student Recreation and Wellness Center. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to wear disco attire. For more information about the event, contact Mitchell Campana at 660-543-4293 or campana@ucmo.edu. For more information about the Spotlight, visit ucmo.edu/spotlight.

Family Weekend Talent Show

UCM Spotlight held auditions and picked a few of the most talented students on campus to compete in the annual Family Weekend Talent Show for the chance to win $500. For more information, contact James Hanten at hanten@ucmo.edu.

Family Weekend Tailgate

The annual Family Weekend Tailgate is taking place 11 a.m.-1 p.m.,  Saturday Oct. 3. UCM Spotlight will have free snacks, karaoke, tattoos, face painting, and prizes at Union Mall. For more information, contact James Hanter at hanten@ucmo.edu.  

Kazoku Fun

Spotlight will host a night in UCM’s Student Recreation and Wellness Center to kick start family weekend. The event will include team building programs like obstacle courses. For more information, contact Mitchell Campanan at campana@ucmo.edu.

He Said, She Said

Get any and all questions about the opposite gender answered. A panel of males and females will gather in Union 237A at 6 p.m. Tuesday to give insight and answer questions about how they think. The event is like UCM’s own Girl Code or Guy Code show. He Said, She Said is sure to provide clarity and a laugh for those who want… Read more »