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The Spotlight and WGS host Speak Out

The Center for Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies is partnering with The Spotlight to host the second annual #MeToo Speak Out. Leah Weller, a junior WGS major and ambassador, says the Speak Out is a safe space where members of the Warrensburg and UCM community can gather to listen and share their stories related to… Read more »

Kevin Bozeman brings tour to UCM

“Last Comic Standing” semifinalist Kevin Bozeman is coming to the University of Central Missouri. The Spotlight is hosting the comedy show from 8-9:30 p.m. Thursday, March 28, in the Union Ballroom, Room 240E. Bozeman has made appearances on HBO, Comedy Central, NBC, CBS and Fox. He is known for his Dry Bar Comedy special “Clean… Read more »

The Ultimate Blowout attracts students

Students let their inner pop star and gamer shine through at the beginning of the month. UCM students took time out of their busy schedules to attend the Ultimate Blowout Show. Students gathered together in the Elliott Student Union on Nov. 7 to play video games, make music videos and have a photo shoot.  Mouths… Read more »

Students attend real-life Fear Factor

Brains, bugs, worms and other creepy crawling critters tested the limits of students. The Spotlight held an event based off the TV show, “Fear Factor” Friday in the Elliott Student Union. “Fear Factor” was a show hosted by Joe Rogan that aired on NBC from 2001-2006 and returned in 2011-2012, according to the NBC website…. Read more »

Free Hugs, Handshakes and High-Fives

“Feeling down? Need some love? Come Share a hug, handshake or high-five with us in the Union Mall! THEY’RE FREE!” said The Spotlight Facebook page. The Spotlight is hosting the Free Hugs, Handshakes and High-Fives from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tuesday event in the Elliott Student Union mall. Haydee Reyes-Alvarado, the graduate assistant for… Read more »

Students play bingo for chance at free groceries

B-4 could have been breakfast. O-39 could have meant new cookware. G-72 could have turned into a dessert. When students entered Room 237A in the Elliott Student Union on Thursday to participate in Grocery Bingo, The Spotlight was offering them free Sobe, tea and water. Spotlight was also encouraging students to take a Sodexo survey… Read more »

Chucking shells and cutting corners, Spotlight hosts unique race

The Student Recreation and Wellness Center recently turned into the UCM Speedway as The Spotlight hosted a “Mario Kart”-themed race. Ninety-four people came to race Wednesday, Sept. 19, on a track outlined by cones as The Spotlight members threw dodgeballs at them. In the video game, racers chuck turtle shells at one another. Drawings of… Read more »

Homecoming contest expanded to include more participants

It’s October and that means the Homecoming Door Decorating Contest is right around the corner. Jesse Heath, graduate assistant in the Office of Student Activities, said this is the first year that door decorating has been incorporated into the homecoming events. Three groups are able to compete: students, faculty and staff and organizations or departments…. Read more »

Family Weekend Talent Show features many different skills

The Family Weekend Talent Show was last Saturday, ending the activities of Family Weekend. There were 12 performances judged by Roger Best, interim president; Keondrin McClish, UCM alumna; Jim Gulbranson, graduate student in the college student personnel administration program; and Isabel Anderson, sophomore events, marketing and management major. Zach Moore, junior criminal justice major, received… Read more »