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UCM student’s film lands on Amazon Prime

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A UCM student produced a film that can now be found on Amazon Prime.

Aaron Dougherty, senior digital media production major, had his film approved for rent and sale on Amazon Prime. The film is called “Night to Remember on 21st Street” for $1.99 to rent or $7.99 to buy.

Dougherty said the film is loosely based on a party that he and his brother, Alan Dougherty, had his freshman year, where a gun ended up going off. He said they decided to exaggerate that night and create an action-comedy film about two detectives investigating a murder at a party.

Dougherty said to make a film, you have to be determined.

“If you really want to make a film, have a plan. Have a stable plan and believe in it,” he said. “Put your vision into it and no matter what anyone would say, just and believe it is going to happen and make your own film happen,”

“The Night to Remember on 21st Street” can be found on Amazon Prime.

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