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  • Letter from the Editor: Graduation May 7, 2022
      It’s been an honor to be the managing editor of the Muleskinner for the last two years. I’ve been able to oversee the publication as it’s grown, but more importantly, I’ve been able to see so many students become young journalists with the hunger to find good stories and the skills to put them...
    Written by Bethany Spitzmiller, Managing Editor
  • Goodbye Muleskinner Graduates May 6, 2022
    Bethany Spitzmiller It’s one thing to have someone tell you they support you, but it’s another entirely separate thing to have someone actually do the work to support your dreams. Graduate student Bethany Spitzmiller is the Managing Editor and leader of the Muleskinner. After failing to see profit for about 12 years and the ceiling...
    Written by Muleskinner Staff, Editorial Leadership Team
  • Piontek Set to Retire after 39 years May 6, 2022
     Former head coach Flip Pionek is set to retire from the University of Central Missouri volleyball program and end career after 39 years.    Before Piontek came to UCM, he served in the Air Force for 11 years as a captain and coached the Air Force Academy volleyball team for three years.    After serving in the...
    Written by Meah Copeland, Sports Editor
  • Virginity is a Damaging Construct May 5, 2022
      Sex positivity has aimed to change social attitudes around pleasure and sexuality. Sex is a natural and healthy part of life. Virginity is often thought of in context to one’s first sexual experience, it has defined many individuals’ sex lives. The choice of whether to be sexually active or not is entirely one’s decision...
    Written by Cassity Morlan, Contributor
  • Cadets, Camo and Cannons: UCM’s Army ROTC May 5, 2022
      They put the flag up every Monday and take it down every Friday. They shoot the cannon at football games and can be seen roaming campus in uniform. When they’re not in uniform, they are in classes, extracurriculars or working jobs like any other student. They are the Army ROTC at the University of...
    Written by Bryan O'Barr, Reporter