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Snap Reactions: Whest Cornell & Dom Chronicles, Kanye West, Funkadelic

by Chance Chamberlain

Snap Reactions is a column where two new albums and one classic album will be reviewed briefly after just one listen through. This provides instant thoughts and feelings that are often lost with multiple listens of an album. This week’s releases are Whest Cornell & Dom Chronicles’ “1027″ and Kanye West’s “JESUS IS KING.” The classic album of the week is Funkadelic’s “Maggot Brain.”

Whest Cornell & Dom Chronicles – 1027

Long Beach native Whest Cornell and Kansas City native Dom Chronicles released their collaboration album “1027” on– you guessed it– Oct. 27. The project was accompanied by heavy social media campaigning, a short film and an exclusive interview with Nate Irby of the Streetwavve Podcast. “1027” is an album for the hip-hop fan. Cornell and Chronicles rap effortlessly over production that would make the greats proud. The chemistry between the two emcees is apparent and feels completely organic. “1027” is an album that leaves your mouth watering for more and one that will bridge the creative communities of LBC and KC.  

Kanye West – JESUS IS KING

Kanye West – JESUS IS KING

Kanye has lead his followers to false hopes time and time again when it comes to album release dates. “JESUS IS KING” is no exception, as it was pushed back again and again, but, finally, it’s here. The message is clear throughout the album: Follow God and believe in Jesus. West does this in a way that appeals to the younger generation. “JESUS IS KING” is engulfed in gospel chorus, hip-hop instrumentals and auto-tune, much like his previous work. This time the only thing that changed is the message. “JESUS IS KING” creates a lasting impression, one that will fulfill Kanye’s goal to spread the gospel. 



Funkadelic – Maggot Brain

Funkadelic – Maggot Brain

“Maggot Brain” (1971) is an album that leaves listeners in awe after a single playthrough. Filled with psychedelic drums and guitar, funky basslines, and soulful vocal performances. Funkadelic is a super-group of sorts, being compiled of the legendary George Clinton and Eddie Hazel. “Maggot Brain” pursued a much heavier approach to funk music by implementing distorted guitar riffs that scream through the groove. Funkadelic created what is considered one of the greatest albums of all time with “Maggot Brain”, a true masterpiece. 

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