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A Journey to Pakistan

By ANNEMARIE CARRIGAN Reporter (WARRENSBURG, Mo., digitalBURG) — Hello there. I was able to go to an event called “A Journey to Pakistan” on Wednesday, October 26. This event was very interesting with a warm, vibrant culture and showed some unique aspects of Pakistan. Five Pakistani UCM students gave a presentation about Pakistan and followed… Read more »

Giving a voice to refugees

By ANNEMARIE CARRIGAN Reporter (WARRENSBURG, Mo., digitalBURG) — I was able to go to an academic conference called “Uprooted—Refugees/Migrants/The Displaced” Oct. 10 and 11 in the Elliott Student Union. At the conference, they spoke about different international programs all around the world. The speakers made great points to help make this world a better place… Read more »

Ask Adalyn: living on the East side of campus

Adalyn, I live on the east side of campus and feel like I’m not getting that “college experience” everyone else is. Everyone on my floor is always in their room with the door shut and I don’t know what to do. Help! The East side of campus comes with a lot of pros and cons. From… Read more »

We can do better

Dear Editor, Tonight I worked as a line judge for a Jennies home volleyball match. It was an exciting game, and there were athletic plays by both teams. The Jennies won, and the crowd and the team were happy in the end, but I walked away disappointed. As I walked away, I felt the need… Read more »

KC is alright too

By ALI OVERSTREET Sports Editor (WARRENSBURG, Mo., digitalBURG) — If you attend the University of Central Missouri, you are aware of the Cardinals and Royals rivalry on campus. It has been ever-prominent since my freshman year. I remember thinking how much I hated the Royals and Kansas City because I was from St. Louis. But… Read more »

Ask Adalyn: friendship troubles

Adalyn, I just recently had a blowout with a friend. How do I feel better afterwards? I’m crushed but can’t show it and I don’t think we’re going to stay friends in the long run… I can definitely relate to you on that. I’ve been through this situation numerous times and even recently dealt with… Read more »

Greek like me

By JESSICA FRASER Reporter (WARRENSBURG, Mo., digitalBURG) — When Brooke Ley moved to Warrensburg to attend UCM, she was more interested in making friends than joining a sorority. “I was actually very unsure of joining a sorority at first,” Ley said. “As all girls usually are, I was also looking for a solid group of… Read more »

Ask Adalyn: Suitmate Issues

Adalyn, My suitemates are horrible. They never clean up after themselves in the bathroom, leaving trash and everything on the ground, then blame me and my roommate about it. What can I do to make this stop? I don’t want to get them in trouble; I just want them to own up to their faults…. Read more »

Forgiving Student Loans

Dear Editor, The median income in the United States is falling, but college tuition is climbing. In the U.S. as a whole, median income has fallen 7 percent since 2000. In the state of Missouri, median income in 2014 was 9 percent less than in 2000, while tuition and fees to public colleges and universities… Read more »

Freshman Tips

Welcome freshmen, Many of you moved to campus today to be part of the freshmen kickoff event. I don’t know how each of you are feeling, but I can probably guess. Nervous is the first word that comes to mind. You might be nervous about classes or making new friends or being away from home… Read more »