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What happened to living wage jobs?

Dear Editor, I recently had a chance to see some of the great work being done at Manna Harvest by a group of dedicated volunteers. They put on a feed for anyone that is hungry 5 days a week starting at 5:30 pm at 212 N. Main Street in Warrensburg, Mo. As much as I… Read more »

Disfunction an embarrassment to the city

Dear Editor, The past few meetings at Warrensburg City Council have not exactly gone smooth with arguments and shouting matches breaking out between elected officials. This is a complete embarrassment to Warrensburg and its citizens. No government should conduct itself in the manner that the current council has. It has real negative implications as well…. Read more »

Losing Selmo Park, local heritage

Dear Editor, Selmo Park is on its last legs, with the bulldozers due to move in in less than a month. Instead of an historic house, we’ll have some “green space,” thanks to many years of less-than-benign neglect. The price tag for renovation was cited as $2 million; the price tag for demolition is another… Read more »

You are not alone on insurance costs

Dear Editor, Are you considering not signing up for health insurance during this enrollment period?  I can see why this would be an attractive option.  After all, you would be saving money and, at the same time, striking a blow for personal freedom. I once heard a young man say, “If I decide to not… Read more »

Facade grant benefits

Dear Editor, The City of Warrensburg and Warrensburg Main Street offer a terrific facade grant program. I own the Cafe Blackadder building (Julie Kendall owns the cafe) and have worked hard to improve the building inside and out. Last year I received the $1,000 facade grant on the project of replacing the awning. This year I received… Read more »

Kudos to USPS

Dear Editor, On the Monday before Christmas, my husband and I sent a 4 pound gift box to our niece living in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Mailed through our local postal service, we felt, that with luck, the package might get there before New Year’s. To our surprise, this package arrived on December 26th, less than… Read more »

Praise for WMMC

Dear editor, I want to toot the horn for our local hospital a bit. I have been on the board of directors for over two years now and I can tell you that if you are under the impression that “healthcare is better in the city” you might consider that WMMC has gone 24 months… Read more »

Protecting schools and taxpayers from the governor’s fake crisis

Dear Editor, When I was knocking doors during my campaign, voters often asked my view on taxes and education. Over the years my response has remained the same, “As a certified public accountant, I’m committed to maintaining an efficient and effective state government.  It is my duty to be a responsible steward of the people’s… Read more »

Supporting Stoppy

Dear Editor, Anyone who knows me personally knows I am unable to sit on the sidelines and watch as any person is personally attacked. That seems to be what is happening to Prosecutor Lynn Stoppy here in Warrensburg. Some may say my addressing this issue in this manner is not appropriate for a business. I… Read more »

Rodeo clown coverage

Dear Editor, I don’t know if you had anything to do with the digitalburg phone interview with Tuffy Gessling following the rodeo skit at the state fair last week. Compliments to digitalburg nevertheless. This was the only major or minor media coverage that gave any context or balance. Major media totally misunderstood and misrepresented this… Read more »