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Christian Campus House set to host annual event for students

The Christian Campus House will be hosting its annual Connect event at 5 p.m. Friday at Northside Christian Church, 500 N. Ridgeview Dr. The event will include food and activities. 

Daylen Brandes, senior campus minister, said Connect is all about students and is “a great way for students to make connections and start thinking about networking as a way to build relationships outside of the classroom.” 

Brandes said Connect will have activities including ga-ga ball and a variation of broomball

Rico Jordan, associate campus minister, said the event can be a great opportunity for students to reconnect with old friends as well as giving them the opportunity to make new friends. 

“Connect is a great way for our ministry to connect with the entire UCM campus for the fact anyone is invited to attend,” Jordan said. 

Kiersten Foster, a student who attended Connect last year, said the activities during Connect help shy students get out of their comfort zone. 

“Activities such as Fast Friendships helps shy students become more comfortable meeting new people, which is very helpful in the real world when it comes to networking with new people,” Foster said.

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