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FPO administrative assistant manager surprised with regional award

Kim Pitman, administrative assistant manager for FPO, won an award from UMR-ACUHO Nov. 7-9 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. UMR-ACUHO is made of housing professionals from eight states and one Canadian province. (Photo by Garrett Fuller, assistant design editor.)

Have you submitted a work order to Facilities, Planning and Operations? If so, it’s likely that Kim Pitman has seen it.

Pitman, an administrative assistant manager for FPO, received the Support Staff Recognition Award from the Upper Midwest Region of the Association of College and University Housing Officers. Pitman acts as a liaison between the campus community and FPO. When a work order is submitted, she routes it to the right people.

According to Becky Wilson, UMR-ACUHO secretary, an award is presented to each school which nominates a candidate that meets their criteria.

Unbeknownst to Pitman, she was nominated for the award by Brenda Moeder, director of housing facilities and operations. After Moeder received the award on Pitman’s behalf at the UMR-ACUHO meeting Nov. 7-9 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Moeder surprised Pitman with the award at a “meeting.”

“Basically, I went over for a meeting, what I thought was a meeting, and they gave me the award there,” Pitman said.

The award was a surprise for Pitman.

“I did not know until after the fact, after they returned from the conference,” Pitman said. “I didn’t even know I had been put in for an award. So, it was very nice.”

Moeder said Pitman was deserving of the award because of the work she does behind the scenes.

“She does such wonderful things behind the scenes to help our students,” Moeder said. “They don’t know she exists. But a lot of things wouldn’t get done without her.”

Moeder said nominees for the award are selected by a committee of former UMR-ACUHO presidents. Moeder said nominations are made on the candidates’ willingness to help and responsiveness.

“For us, we look for people who do their job and do their job well, but also do their job with a happy heart,” Moeder said.

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