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Holden Street fills for Get the Red Out

Thousands of community members and college students filled Holden Street Thursday for Warrensburg’s annual Get The Red Out street fair.

Around 1,500 visitors attended the event in Warrensburg, according to a law enforcement official. More than 40 vendors set up tables and tents along Holden Street this year from Clark to South streets. An array of businesses, such as Boost Mobile, and radio stations such as KIX 105.7 of Sedalia, lined the street. The Mules and Jennies basketball teams set up two basketball goals for people to shoot hoops.

Sarah Christian, a dispatcher for the Johnson County Central Dispatch, said she has been attending the Get the Red Out fair for the past four years.

“Get The Red Out is a good way for small businesses to get to know their community and vice versa,” she said. “All of these vendors have the same intent, which is to hopefully meet as many people from the community as they can and get their businesses out there to the general public.”

Zadac Lankford, a UCM alumnus, said the event is great for the Warrensburg community.

“When I was a student, I would always come out and have a great time getting free stuff and learning about some of the smaller businesses around town. It still has that same great family and community atmosphere that I’ve come to love and, after I get to watch some good ol’ Mules football,” he said. “I know the people of Warrensburg love it too. The hardest decision to make while you’re here is which booth to look at first.”

Danielle Agueros, UCM alumna and elementary school teacher at Martin Warren, said the street fair has a great family atmosphere.

“Get the Red Out is an excellent environment for local families and college kids alike,” she said. “It is really just a great event because it brings everyone in Warrensburg together, creating a type of unity in the community that you cannot find anywhere else. How many other colleges can a student meet so many of the local business and even possible employers? I think none.”

Get the Red Out is sponsored by the university’s office of Integrated Marketing and Communications as well as the Warrensburg Chamber of Commerce.

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