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Intramurals are back!

School has been in session for just over a month now. This means thousands of students have finally returned to their usual back-to-school habits of Netflix binges, procrastination-induced sleepless nights, and a steady diet of Mountain Dew and the dining halls’ deep fried chicken sandwiches. Wow, it’s great to be a college student.

While this lifestyle sounds like the division II dream, being out of breath after climbing two flights of steps just isn’t ideal. Working out is always an option to stay in shape, but that sounds like a lot of work. So, let’s all be thankful that Intramurals are back in full swing.

Student Activities assistant director, Kevin Sneed, says that intramurals are the perfect escape for everyone on campus, whether you are in the best shape of your life or if you are simply trying to get out of the dorms.

“We have competitive and recreational leagues,” Sneed said. “We try to offer something for everyone. So whether you’re a good athlete or a bad athlete, you should never be sitting in your dorm room. There’s always something to do.”

Flag football, sand volleyball, softball, tennis and archery are already underway, but sign ups are currently opening up for additional sports.

Disc golf and ping-pong registration remains open until Sept. 26, shooting sports and indoor volleyball are accepting teams until Oct. 3, and registration for indoor soccer is open until Oct. 5. These leagues will start at the beginning of October and carry on through the middle of November. Basketball, swimming, dodge ball, sports trivia and rock climbing all start later this winter as well.

Registration for each sport can be found at imleagues.com. To register, create an account and search for UCM’s intramurals. There is a fee to enter a team into a league and prices vary from sport to sport.

According to Sneed, there is no reason to be skeptical about intramurals. He says it’s not merely an opportunity to play something you’re familiar with, but also an opportunity to explore something new.

“Don’t be scared to join,” Sneed said. “Don’t be scared to play something. Just because you’ve never played soccer before, doesn’t mean you can’t join now. So just get involved.”

Champions of each league are awarded with intramural championship shirts, but Sneed says the real reward is enjoying competition with your friends.

“You don’t have to be athletic to participate. It’s not about winning or losing; it’s about being active and being with your friends and having fun.”

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