Design Illustrator says goodbye

(WARRENSBURG, Mo.)-When I transferred to UCM two years ago, I picked up a Muleskinner print paper with a big Pikachu on the front sitting in a news stand. Inside the paper there was an ad that read, “Do you like to draw? The Muleskinner is seeking illustrators looking to improve their portfolio with comics, graphics and other artistic elements.”

Because of that ad, I tried out as a contributor for a semester and grew into an award-winning Design Editor. The opportunities with the Muleskinner are endless.

Countless doors of opportunity open by just being involved with the Muleskinner, all you have to do is step through them.

Working at the Muleskinner gives you a platform to project your voice out into the world. The power to inspire, inform and be the force that changes your surroundings is in your hands.

Being involved with the Muleskinner has introduced me to so many different brilliant and ambitious individuals. Everyone that is a part of the Muleskinner has a go-getter attitude and by working alongside everyone, that mentality inevitably rubbed off on me. I feel that I have grown a lot in numerous areas of my life and I don’t believe it would have happened without the help of the Muleskinner.

As the design editor, I am responsible for designing the format of the Muleskinner publications. It is my job to assemble stories, photos and other graphics in an aesthetically pleasing arrangement. I also provide illustrations for the Muleskinner publications.

As the design editor, I would like to see the Muleskinner’s publications be filled with eye-catching, intriguing and informative illustrations and graphics. I would like to see the Muleskinner have a wide variety of art from a multitude of different artists and designers. I would like to see more editorial illustrations and comics in the Muleskinner’s publications.

Whether your skills are writing, shooting videos or drawing, reach out to us and get involved. It’s as simple as going to Wood 312 or emailing muleskinner@ucmo.edu.

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