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In this issue, Sept. 28 – Oct. 4:

Page 3 > News

To cut or not to cut: fate of philosophy program finalized

Community members come together at Burg Fest

Page 4 > News

Royal Blush drag show and Transformation

Page 5 > News

Student club creates interest for careers in behavioral analysis

Page 6 > Lifestyle

Faces of UCM: Taylor Beeman

Page 7 > Lifestyle

Professor brings class treats, boosts morale

Page 8 > Centerfold

Last call: Local musicians reminisce after bar closing

Page 10 > Analysis

Litter has pretty hefty price tag

Page 11 > Analysis

Studio One-Acts hit Blackbox

Page 12 > Sports

Jennies volleyball gets a lesson on cancer they won’t forget

Page 13 > Sports

Slowpitch intramurals are speeding up

Sports Update: Vol. 112 Issue 6

Page 14 > Sports

Ian Frazier’s senior season is just a starting line


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