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Off-campus safety advisory clarification on gunshots

A mass email was sent to all University of Central Missouri students, faculty and staff by the UCM News Bureau Tuesday morning at 11:22 a.m., alerting them to be cautious in the 300 block area of South Street due to two gun discharging incidents.

The email aroused some confusion by noting UCM “has been made aware of two recent incidents off campus of a gun being discharged on the 300 block of South Street in Warrensburg.”

Uncertainty stemmed from the timing of the email and the definition of “recent.” The incidents occurred in the 300 block of South Street at 1:27 a.m. Thursday and 2:43 a.m. Sunday.

Jeff Murphy, UCM assistant director for media relations, said in a phone interview that the email was sent after deliberation of the school’s Threat Management Team, a group that evaluates dangers to UCM in accordance with the Threats and Violence Procedure policy.

Murphy said the team determined that the shootings took place “off campus” as defined in the Clery Act.

Off-campus incidents are not required to be reported in a 24-hour window, unlike on-campus incidents. Murphy said the team also determined since the area isn’t adjacent to campus but frequently used by UCM students an alert should still be sent out.

Neither incident had any injuries, but Thursday’s discharge resulted in the damage to the siding of the residence and Sunday’s left marks on a motor vehicle.

A WPD record clerks said it has not been determined if the shootings were related. The case officer was unavailable for comment.

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