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UCM turns to familiar face to fill presidency

UCM has had two presidents during Fiscal Year 2019, which is the same number of presidents the university has had since 2010. At the end of June, Chuck Ambrose told the Board of Governors he was resigning his position as the president of the university because he’d accepted a position as the president and CEO… Read more »

What are you excited for this year?

VIDEO BY JACOB PECK / MULTIMEDIA EDITOR In this week’s iCentral, reporter Anaiyeh Smith asks UCM students what they’re excited for this year and how they feel about the Interim President Roger Best. For more iCentral, go to the last episode.

UCM board names interim president

Some seven months into his new position in the UCM administration, Roger Best has a new job. Best, who has served as executive vice president/COO since Jan. 1, was named the interim university president following a board of governors closed session on Monday, according to a press release. President Chuck Ambrose announced on Friday that… Read more »

Cutting the president’s salary is not the answer

The president of our university earns more than anyone else at our university. In the university’s current financial climate, it is understandable that a little more attention has been given to that fact. The attention has become more prevalent and more open. It is also a bit misguided. At the student forum held on April… Read more »

Students have many questions at SGA forum

VIDEO BY KAITLIN BROTHERS / MULTIMEDIA EDITOR (WARRENSBURG, Mo. )– The Student Government Association student forum was held last Tuesday with President Chuck Ambrose, Interim Provost-Chief Learning Officer Mike Godard, and Interim Executive Vice President and COO Roger Best. Students lined up to ask Ambrose and Godard many questions about the reorganization of the College… Read more »

With a budget proposal drawing near, UCM staff braces for impact

(WARRENSBURG, Mo.) – “I think we’re all wondering what our fate is going to be.” That was a comment overheard from the gallery minutes before Tuesday’s Staff Council Meeting. It echoes what many university employees have wondered as the administration prepares to send the fiscal year 2019 budget to the board of governors. Staff Council… Read more »

UCM appoints interim administrators

The University of Central Missouri has two new administrators following a board of governors closed session Friday. Roger Best was appointed by the president and approved by the board to serve as executive vice president and chief operating officer. Mike Godard, vice provost for enrollment management, was appointed to serve as interim provost-chief learning officer…. Read more »