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UCM Family Weekend: A weekend to remember

A girl gets made up as a lion with help from Sister Act Face Painting and Up, Up & Away! balloon art at the Family Weekend Tailgate Saturday. (photo by Molly Burnam/Photo editor)

Name a kind of cheese.

Name something that scares the average person.

Name the most annoying thing drivers do on the road.

Not only did competing families learn the most popular answers to these and other questions, they learned a little bit about each other.

Family Weekend kicked off with a game of Family Feud on Friday night. On Saturday, the day began with the Color Run followed by the Family Weekend Tailgate and football game. The weekend also included a talent show, art galleries, bowling and golf.

Allison Papin’s family came from St. Louis for Family Weekend.

“It was always super fun to watch Family Feud at home when we were little and shout out the answers at the TV, but it was fun actually being able to participate this time,” said Papin, a freshman undecided major. “It was cool to go up there and work together, to steal points or to answer regular questions.”

The next day Papin and her mother and father were bathed in powdered colors.

“We all really enjoyed the color run,” she said. “Everyone enjoyed running around and being colorful.”

Papin said even though this wasn’t her first time seeing her family since she left for college, it was still nice for her family to come to Family Weekend.

On Saturday, UCM held a tailgate in the Union Mall. Students and families gathered for balloon art, photo station, caricaturists, face paint and barbecue.

Johnna Perry, co-owner of Up, Up & Away!, and her husband John attended the UCM tailgate event to create balloon art.

“I am a balloon artist,” Perry said, “As is my husband, John, and we make whimsical creations with many different shapes and sizes and colors of an all-natural biodegradable latex balloon.”

Perry and her husband have over 20 years of experience.

“John and I met in art school and got married,” she said. “We then properly created a balloon artistry business and we have been doing this for 23 years.”

Perry said she has been coming to UCM for many years. She said she remembers back when the event was held in downtown Warrensburg.

“This is one of our favorite events we do every year,” Perry said. “The families are so much fun and we see some of the same families a few years in a row and that’s really fun. We get to make people happy, so what’s not to love about that?”

Perry said she enjoys coming to the campus.

“Beyond being just grateful for being there, I think the UCM community has some of the kindest and most welcoming families that we get to create balloons for every year,” Perry said.

Eric Hoffman, owner of Super Shots Photobooth, took event photos with Mo the Mule at the tailgate.

Hoffman said his photo booth entertainment company focuses on prints and pictures for events. He started his company in March 2010 and has been on campus at least once or twice a year for the last seven years.

“It is a beautiful campus and I love taking pictures by the chapel,” Hoffman said. “Students and family seem to really enjoy the day. I like the atmosphere of the day. I enjoy doing it every year.”

Hoffman said he enjoys this event and understands parents who have college-aged kids because he has college-aged kids of his own.

“During family weekend, it’s fun to watch the parents and the students spend time together,” he said. “I have two kids in college, so I know how it goes. It’s nice to see everybody getting along and enjoying themselves.”

Hoffman said people of the Warrensburg community have started to recognize him.

“I had a couple people come up to me a say they remember me from last year and they made an effort to come up to me again this year,” Hoffman said.

He said he loves his job because of the reaction he gets when people visit his booth.

“I make people happy. That’s the best part about it,” Hoffman said. “Even though people don’t like getting their picture taken, for some reason having a snapshot in this day and age of taking selfies, there’s something about getting a still-printed picture that brings a lot of joy.”

He said he particularly enjoys observing the UCM campus.

“I love the diversity of the campus. It’s just neat to see students from all different walks of life,” Hoffman said.

Family Weekend began Friday night with a game of Family Feud hosted by sophomore automotive technology management major Trevor Gillespie. UCM students and visiting family members competed to see who could find the most popular answers.

  • Trevor Gillespie, a sophomore automotive technology management major, hosts Family Feud on Friday night in Union 240. (Photos by Molly Burnam/Photo Editor)

Saturday morning began with the Color Run.

  • On Saturday morning, UCM opened the second day of Family Weekend with the sixth annual color run on campus. Students and families took a 2 mile run/walk around the center of campus. (Photos by Molly Burnam/Photo Editor)

The Family Weekend Tailgate included face painting, balloon art and a photo booth as families mingled prior to the Mules football game.

The band, cheerleaders and the Mulekickers added even more excitement to the Mules’ blowout-victory Saturday afternoon.

  • The Mules and the Griffins played in the football game Saturday during Family Weekend. Jordan Hall, UCM cheerleader, cradles from stunt. (Photos by: Molly Burnam/Photo Editor)
  • Sydney Baynham, UCM Mulekicker
  • Kaylee Bake, UCM Mulekicker
  • The UCM band plays a song after the Mules score a touchdown.
  • Maria White, UCM cheerleader
  • Aleesa Cole, UCM cheer captain, stunts with a cheer partner.
  • The UCM band plays after the Mules score a touchdown.
  • UCM cheerleaders Ashley Waisner and John Hogan stunt to hype up the crowd.
  • Maria White, UCM cheerleader, cheers on the Mules with a stunt partner.
  • Ally Miller, UCM Mulekicker
  • Maddie Anthuis, UCM Mulekicker
  • Ally Miller, UCM Mulekicker
  • Claire Emke, UCM Mulekicker
  • Sabrina Zern, UCM cheerleader
  • Hannah Haley, UCM cheerleader
  • Rylie Michael, UCM cheerleader
  • Cheer captain Dani Zammar
  • Cheer captain Paige Grant
  • Maria White, UCM cheerleader
  • UCM cheerleaders bring on an honorary cheerleader.

The ABC Block Party took place outside the Elliott Student Union.

  • "Sister Jackie" opens the ABC block party with the national anthem. (Photos by Molly Burnam/photo editor)
  • Sisters form a quartet outside the Union to dozens of people.
  • Fraternity members perform their fraternity chant for the people gathered around the Union.
  • Vernon Percy “VP” Howard III, a senior digital media production major, performs a saxophone solo.

Family Weekend ended with the Family Weekend Talent Show Saturday night.

  • On Saturday, The Polynesian Dancers opened up the talent show with a fast-paced Reggae music by Daddy Yankee in Union 240. (Photos by Peter Spexarth, for the Muleskinner)
  • Isaac Barkley (right), a junior music technology major, and VP Howard(left), a senior digital media production major, perform an original song together as a band called Ike & VP3.
  • Jack Mason, a junior digital media production major, plays a song he wrote for his grandfather.
  • Parker Bata and Richard Fisher are both freshman music technology majors collaborating as Parker Bata & Richard Fisher III. They took music made from their dorm room, to the stage.
  • Zach Moore, a junior criminal justice major, preforms an original song, winning the talent.
  • Eleanor Panico, a freshman musical theatre major, preforms a dance to, "Open Hands."
  • Sarah Perrin, a senior english major, performs "The Best Day" by Taylor Swift.
  • Tye Cavin, a freshman music technology major, performs "Autumn Leaves" on piano.
  • Bryn Medley, a graduate student with a degree in speech-language pathology, performs a hula-hooping dance.
  • Rachel Sporledor, a sophomore biology pre-med major, performs "Lost Boy" by Ruth B.
  • Ashli Morgan, a communications student, performs with her ensemble.
  • Nick Nichols does a stand-up comedy act to end the show.
  • Talent Show winners after the show. First place went to Zach Moore (second from left), second place went to Devon Schmidt (far left), and third place went to Ashli Morgan (center).


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