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UCM Night Ryder program continues to ride

by Saba Desta
For the Muleskinner

(WARRENSBURG, Mo.) – Although the budget cuts have been affecting departments left and right, one thing that wasn’t put into jeopardy was student safety.

The Night Ryder is a free service the school provides for students who do not have a stable source of transportation to get around Warrensburg, and it takes you to many locations on and off-campus.

Beth Rutt, director of student activities, said the budget for this student transportation service was in jeopardy but was preserved.

“We did look at perhaps having to cut back some of the hours of operation, but when we discussed student safety we decided to not make any cuts,” she said.

Arlanda Brown, junior sociology major, said her previous school didn’t have transportation services like Night Ryder.

“I started using the Night Ryder my first semester here, which was spring of 2017 when I lived in the Greenwood apartments,” Brown said.

“I don’t have to pay as much money for a cab, and it’s more convenient,” she said. “It takes you to Walmart, the Dollar Store, Foster Knox, the baseball field and the campus apartments as far as I know.”

Dierra Austin, sophomore social work major, also noted the programs convenience.

“It is very helpful for college students who don’t have vehicles,” Austin said.

If you do have a car on or off-campus, the Night Ryder is still always there to take you where you need to be, just as long as you are within walking distance of a pick-up spot.

“I stay behind Ellis, so I just walk down the street to the pick-up spot at the Ellis parking lot,” Brown said.

Austin said having to ask for rides can be inconvenient.

“My friend and I started using it our first semester of freshman year, but for the first couple weeks we didn’t know where the stops were at and the time,” she said. “It even took me to get my nails done.”

Ama Adams, junior social work major, said she didn’t know what the Night Ryder service was until late freshman year.

Adams wasn’t familiar with the transportation service until a friend explained it to her.

“It picked us up from the library and took us to Nattinger/Bradshaw Hall, but the bus was empty except for my friends and I,” Adams said.

The Night Ryder is available from 5 to 10 p.m, Wednesday through Saturday, with pickup spots at the library, Union, Fitzgerald Hall, Greenwood Village, Central Village, Walmart, Ellis complex, Foster Knox, Houts/Hosey Halls, The Crossing and the UCM baseball field.

For more information call Student Activities at 660-543-4007 and a representative will answer any further questions.

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