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Chattin’ It Up

Digital media productions major Gregory Burns visits with UCM students, faculty and staff to learn about their interests, hobbies and stories.

“Chattin’ It Up: airs every Tuesday at 7 p.m.

Episode 1

“Chattin’ It Up” is hosted by UCM freshman digital media production major Greg Burns.  Each week Greg sits down with UCM students and faculty to hear their stories and share their experiences. .In this inaugural episode of “Chattin’ It Up”, Greg sits down with Nolan Crane, a junior social studies education major at UCM to learn more about Nolan’s interest and experience in music.

Episode 2

In this episode of “Chattin’ it Up”, Greg visits with UCM digital media production associate professor Steve Price. Dr. Price shares his experience in the field and in the classroom.

Episode 3

We’re back with the third episode of “Chattin’ it Up”.  Greg sat down with Dr. Aqualus Gordon, associate professor of psychological sciences, to chat about the Myers Briggs Personality Test, Batman vs. Superman, video games and more.

Episode 4

Our fourth episode has us chatting with Tim Richner, a student here at UCM. Enjoy listening about all things planes in this episode. Not only do we talk about flight, but also simulations, drones, perspective, and video games. Even if you don’t think planes are interesting, there’s so much you can learn and laugh about in this segment.

Episode 5

This week Greg sits down with UCM junior Grace Kennedy, junior biology/pre-med major to discuss her thoughts on campus life and some of her favorite memories at UCM.

Episode 6

Academic success adviser Kris Howard sits down with Greg  to share what he does for his job, what he thinks of campus life, and some personal life experiences.  He’s also a natural comedian in the classroom.

Episode 7

Greg visits with his old speech and debate buddies, Gavin and Evan Rupp.  Local twins and actors, they have a long-time affinity for speech and debate.  Greg invites his listeners to learn more about the world of speech and debate with two of his favorite competitors.

Episode 8

Episode 8 of Chattin’ it Up is with UCM alum Eric Scobey.  After a brief interview, Greg and Eric discuss some of their favorite video games and some of the interesting mechanics used in them.

Episode 9

This week on “Chattin’ it Up”, Greg visits with his friend, psychology major Sasha Fuller, about their mutual enjoyment of tabletop role playing games, like Dungeons and Dragons. They talk characters, games, settings and more.

Episode 10

Brianna Cargile joins Greg on this episode of “Chattin’ It Up”. The topic this week: food, as Brianna, a sophomore events management and marketing major, shares her love of cooking and some of her favorite dishes and techniques.

Episode 11

It’s crossover week as Greg and Garrason Leighton, host of “Smoke Signals”, talk about their experiences on the radio. They share some of their favorite moments and worst struggles from their first times behind the mic.

Episode 12

On this final episode of Spring 2021, Greg hosts a listener Q&A. Nolan Crain from episode 1 joins Greg to respond to questions submitted by listeners to the show.

Episode 13

Today we get to speak with Isaac Roberson about a movie he is currently working on here at UCM. Listen to learn about the plot, characters, and twists that this thriller will have.

Episode 14

Say hello to Bruns, an ESport gamer and game designer from UCM. Listen as we have casual conversations about some fun video games and a little about the human psyche.