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Sports Talk

It’s not just another show were a couple fans rant about this team or that player.  “Sports Talk” is brought to you be the Sports Reporting class at UCM.  Join the students as they debate who should pay for new stadiums, whether the NIL is good for sports, if PEDs should be legalized and more.

It’s “Sports Talk” every Tuesday at 6 p.m.

Episode 1 – Who Should Pay

This fall, the Sports Reporting course at the University of Central Missouri will be producing a weekly show to examine issues related to athletics. In week one, we discuss “Who Should Pay?” Four students will discuss their points of view: Should owners pay for new stadiums or renovations, or should the bill go to the taxpayers?

Episode 2 – Is the NIL Good or Bad for College Athletics?

In Episode 2 on “Sports Talk” our topic is “The NIL: Good or Bad for College Athletics?” For YEARS it has been debated whether college student athletes should get paid. After all, college athletics bring in A LOT of revenue through ticket sales, television contracts, and imaging. But these are also COLLEGE athletes, most of whom are on scholarship that pays for at least part (if not all) of their tuition and living expenses.  It’s a hot topic in this edition of “Sports Talk”.

Episode 3 – Should Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) be legal?

Should PEDs be legal? That’s the hot topic the sports reporting students at the University of Central Missouri tackle this week in this edition of “Sports Talk”.  Two schools of thought:  If everyone is using them (or has the option), the unfair advantage argument is taken away.  And we DO love to see those home runs fly!! On the other hand, there are a lot of nasty side effects, and shouldn’t we be protecting our athletes? The gang discusses.

Episode 4 – Should Native American Mascots be Allowed?

It’s another hot topic this week on “Sports Talk”. The question: Should Native American mascots be allowed in sports? To some, it is a sign of honor; nobody wants a weak mascot, right? To others, it is cultural appropriation and offensive. Our panelists discuss.

Episode 5 – Do Parents Belong in Little League?

On this episode of “Sports Talk” our topic is “Should parents be allowed in Little League”. On the one hand, they ARE the parents. Shouldn’t they be allowed to coach, umpire … yell whatever they want? On the other hand, we’ve seen countless stories of parents attacking officials, berating their children, and just losing control. Our four panelists will discuss.