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The BVB Show

The BVB Show

Join Brennen Van Breusegen every Monday night from 6-7 for “The BVB Show”.  Brennen will cover a variety of topics, from business to baseball, leadership to lion taming (not really, but it alliterated well).  Sometimes it will just be Brennen.  Other times he’ll have guests.  It’s “The BVB Show” Mondays at 6 p.m.


Brennen Van Breusegen is a senior digital media production major and marketing minor at UCM.  He is also an All-America centerfielder and Academic All-American on the Mules baseball team.





Episode 1 – Will Albert Pujols Reach 700 Home Runs?
Brennen Van Breusegen knows a thing or two about baseball.  He’s an All-America centerfielder for the University of Central Missouri Mules baseball team and a life-long St. Louis Cardinals fan.  In this first episode of The BVB Show, he discusses whether or not Cardinals legend Albert Pujols will reach the 700 home run mark.


Episode 2 – The Sports Franchise

In episode 2, Brennen brings in his buddy and teammate Cole Moore to recap some of the top sports franchises. They also talk about who they would build their franchise around. All this and more on episode 2 of “The BVB Show”.


Episode 3 – The Most Overrated NFL Players and more

Brennen is rejoined by his buddy Cole Moore to discuss who are the most overrated NFL players, to recap of opening weekend, and to discuss who are the best Mules athletes of all time.


Episode 4 – UCM’s Student Investment Fund

Changing it up a little this week on The BVB Show. Brennen gets an in depth analysis of the Student Investment Fund at the University of Central Missouri, a background from Seth Kenagy, and some hot take sports questions with a little question teaser for next episode.

Episode 5 – Round Table with Cater, Seth and Cole

We get an around the table conversation with three special guests, Carter Young, Seth Kenagy, and Cole Moore, and discuss life, would you rather questions, and our Mt. Rushmore of the greatest athletes of all time.

Episode 6 – A Conversation with Kip Janvrin

UCM track & field co-head coach Kip Janvrin has been around for a while.  We get an in depth look at Kip’s career as an Olympic decathlete and what experiences he has had as coach at UCM.  Brennen plays a little “Would You Rather” to close it out.

Episode 7 – Meet Cole Lalonde

This week, Brennen visits with Cole Lalonde’s in-depth story and finds out what makes him so positive.  Brennen and Cole share their World Series predictions and finish up with “Would You Rather”.

Episode 8 – Chatting with Dr. Terry Cunconan

This week we get a great conversation with UCM Communications Professor Terry Cunconan and dive deep into how we got to where we are in the world and how technology is going to change the way we go about our daily lives from a positive and negative aspect.

Episode 9 – Investment tips with Karsen Reid

In this episode we get current investing advice, making money off of investments, and guest Karsen Reid’s company to watch right now, along with baseball’s top free agent names and a look at the current College Football Playoff rundown with our would you rather question to wrap us up.

Episode 10 – Chatting with Alex Backaus

We get to hear a little bit about the recruiting process, a possible side hustle opportunity, conspiracy theories, MLB Free Agency, and a would you rather question to wrap up the show with The University of Central Missouri Baseball recruiting coordinator Alex Backhaus.

Episode 11 – Duncan van Breusegen

In this episode Brennen sits down with Duncan van Breusegen to discuss Elon Musk and Twitter, sports topics, their all-time NBA Starting 5 lineups, and Cardinals baseball.  They wrap up with a “Would You Rather” question.

Episode 12 – Darin Plummer

In this episode we get to see what goes into broadcasting a live sporting event, a discussion of the NFL playoff picture, and an in-depth analysis of what happened the night of and days after the Idaho Murder Case with guest Darin Plummer.

Episode 13 – Flying Solo

In this episode, the listeners get an in-depth rundown of just how good Patrick Mahomes is, and we’ll discuss if he can sustain his greatness for the rest of his career. We also look into Mizzou Basketball and the numbers they keep tacking on in the win column, along with our overall health and ways we can increase our life expectancy.

Episode 14 – Dr. Roger Best

We get to hear the background of UCM President Dr. Roger Best and what has made him the person he is today, along with how he has helped found and influence many hands-on opportunities for students here on campus. He also gives us in-depth analysis on what it is like being President here at the University of Central Missouri, and his business mindset for the decisions being made, with a would you rather question to wrap things up.

Episode 15 – Musing with Brennen

In this episode, we get to look into the March Madness Mayhem and see who has the best chance to shock the nation, and who will live up to their expectations. We also discuss how sports has adapted over the years and what the world will look like if we keep trending in the direction we are currently going, with an NFL preview as well.

Episode 16 – Jessica Johnson

Jessica Johnson is the Assistant Director of Career Readiness and Employability Career and Life Design at UCM and gives us her knowledge on the best way to find what you want to do after college and how to adapt to the way the world is trending. Give a listen to her own podcast on Apple Podcast called Mules With A Mission to learn more. All this and more with a would you rather question to close out the episode.

Episode 17 – John Prudhom

In this episode, we get to pick apart the mind of John Prudhom and learn about real estate and building wealth through investing. John gives us some advice as to where and how to invest in real estate, while diving into chat GPT and Bud Light’s marketing plan. Of course we couldn’t let him slip away without hearing the staple of the show…a would you rather question to wrap things up.

Episode 18 – Karsen Reid

In this episode, Brennen dives into an unconventional way to invest your money in Real Estate that you may not know of, and also pivots into a detailed discussion of a hypothetical Purge Situation, if it does ever occur, with guest Karsen Reid.