Listen to The Beat

What is THE BEAT?

THE BEAT is the campus radio station at the University of Central Missouri. The Beat is the ideal college radio station, providing an eclectic mix of music including country, heavy metal, Top 40, pop, and Celtic. We also have talk shows, news and sports. Students at the University of Central Missouri are invited to develop proposals for shows (complete with format, days of operation, and schedules). A programming committee then reviews the content for approval.

You can listen to THE BEAT in a variety of ways!

Download the App

You can listen to THE BEAT on your phone or mobile device. Visit the App Store (for iOS), or Google Play (for Android) to download our apps!

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Live Stream From Browser

You can also stream live from your browser via the livestream links below:

Stream Through Other Programs

…Or, you can use the links below and open them in the desktop program of your choice!