Author: Ryan Sheehan

Venom: A good blockbuster that tried to be something more

Sony Pictures has tried to create their own “Spider-Man” universe in recent years. There was “The Amazing Spider-Man” in 2012 starring Andy Garfield as the Wall Crawler. It was a solid movie. “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” followed in 2014 with the hopes of more movies to come, but it was a bad movie and it… Read more »

The “Batman Damned” incident: A weird moment in Batman’s history

In general, every iconic superhero has experienced some weird moments in their history. Batman, the Caped Crusader himself, is no exception. For example, in 2008, Christopher Nolan and Warner Bros were sued over “The Dark Knight” by Huseyin Kalkan, the mayor of Batman, Turkey. The mayor argued the film used the name “Batman” without permission… Read more »

Halloween: An awesome reboot or an awesome sequel

Here is another remake of a classic film – but wait, this one is actually good. “Halloween” is one of the iconic slasher films made by the duo of director/composer John Carpenter and producer/writer Debra Hill. “Halloween” has been remade before. Rob Zombie’s 2003 “Halloween” received mixed reviews and made the franchise even more confusing… Read more »

The Halloween franchise: A confusing history

This October, “Halloween” returns with another reboot of the classic horror film. Simply titled “Halloween,” this newest version seems promising, featuring the return of lead actress Jamie Lee Curtis as franchise character Laurie Strode, and John Carpenter, who directed the original. Released in 1978, the original “Halloween” followed the mysterious killer Michael Myers, who is… Read more »

Matthew Dunehoo: Kansas City filmmaker

Matthew Dunehoo is a filmmaker living and working in Kansas City, Missouri. From May 7-28, Dunehoo wrote and directed his first feature film “Wretch.” Dunehoo previously wrote and directed the short films “No Margettes” and “The Vetting” in 2015 and 2017 and collaborated on another short, “Drifters,” in 2017. “Wretch” is a horror film, but… Read more »

Grant Curtis: UCM alumnus and Hollywood producer

Grant Curtis is a Hollywood producer and filmmaker who was been a part of several major productions. Curtis is a former student, graduating with his Master in Communication degree in 1997. He grew up in Missouri and currently lives in Los Angeles. The first film that Curtis collaborated on was “A Simple Man,” directed by… Read more »

The interesting history of the Teen Titans

In DC Comics there is the Justice League, an alliance of superheroes who seek to help the innocent and fight evil across the world. Then there are the Teen Titans, a team of teenage superheroes – some of whom began as sidekicks – who have the same mission. The Teen Titans has become a staple… Read more »

Levi Wilkinson: Freelancer from UCM finds work on major productions

Levi Wilkinson is a freelance contractor working in video, film and television, currently living in New York City. Wilkinson graduated from UCM in 2015 with a degree in digital media production. He is originally from Independence, Missouri. As a freelance contractor, Wilkinson works on sets, ranging from a production assistant, grip, assistant camera, electric swing… Read more »

Predator: A modern action movie from the ‘80s

“Predator” was originally a classic action/horror film from 1987 starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. The movie was about a group of commandos who, while on a rescue mission in the Central American jungle finds themselves being hunted by an alien, dubbed the Predator, who hunts people for sport. In this reboot, the story follows Army Ranger sniper… Read more »