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Blogs from a quarantined college student: Week ten

Monday, May 18th, 2020 Ten weeks already? Wow, this is week ten of my quarantine blogs. That is just mind-boggling. To think that I have been sharing part of my life with the internet for that long… holy moly guacamole. Am I the only one that’s a little blown away by that? I guess we… Read more »

A worthy follow-up: “Doom: Eternal”

2016’s hellish shooter “Doom” is a game that knows what it is: a ludicrous, blood-pumping ride that puts the player in control of a demon-slaying/crushing/tearing/ripping/pounding juggernaut. I can say with sheer certainty that “Doom” is one of the very rare games that left my heart pounding minutes after each demon swarm. It was worth all… Read more »

A letter from an essential worker

I want to start this letter out by apologizing to all my professors. During this time I have not been doing my best with homework and projects because it is hard to find the time. I am trying my best to keep up with everything.  During the first week of quarantine I struggled with all… Read more »

The future of VOD & movie theaters

Amidst the ongoing Coronavirus crisis, companies are rummaging around on how to save themselves. Restaurants are turning against dine-in, necessities are becoming more and more limited during the so-called toilet paper epidemic, and I learned just a few days ago that GameStop is somehow still in business.  Needless to say, whether we like it or… Read more »

Blogs from a quarantined college student: Week two

Monday, March 23rd, 2020  Just another day As much as I love the rain, I would LOVE for some sunshine right about now. This weather is terribly dismal at this point and I would really enjoy some warmer weather so I could get outside this week. I’d love to spend some quality time repotting my… Read more »

Blogs from a quarantined college student: Week one

Tuesday: March 17th, 2020 Hello friends 🙂 I never really saw myself as a writer, as much as I love literature and reading, yet here I am. Writing. For the newspaper. This was NOT part of my job description. My name is Maddy Harrison and I am the multimedia editor for the UCM Muleskinner (that… Read more »

Mapping Against Mediocrity: Strategy in horror

Survival horror is a tricky genre to develop for. Immersion is even more important to the genre than it is elsewhere. A single misstep will take players out of the experience, turning a nightmare into nothing more than a mediocre mess. Many games have tried (and failed), to push the envelope in horror.  Horror games… Read more »