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Game of Thrones: Finale draws near

By ANDY LYONS (digitalBURG) – “Game of Thrones” is known to kill main characters as they are on the rise. Sunday’s ninth episode of season three was no exception, and left plenty of unanswered questions as the credits rolled. The bulk of season three has centered on Robb Stark and his marriage to Talisa of… Read more »

“The Hangover Part III”

By ANDREW LINK (digitalBURG) — If you want a quick answer to, “Should I see ‘The Hangover Part III?’” the answer is no. When I heard about “Hangover Part III,” I thought, “Let me guess – Alan drugs everyone, Doug goes missing, and just as Phil calls Doug’s wife to come clean, Stu has an… Read more »

“Hangover Part III”

By JOSHUA LEONARD (digitalBURG) – I went to the pre-screening of “The Hangover Part III,” and the movie was a decent conclusion to a trilogy that should have only been one film. To me, “The Hangover” films are just a one-trick pony. In every film, you can expect Doug either missing or kidnapped, Alan being… Read more »

“Star Trek Into Darkness”

By JOSHUA LEONARD (digitalBURG) – “Star Trek Into Darkness” was by far the best “Star Trek” film ever made, and I absolutely cannot wait to go watch it again. This is a must-see movie. “Star Trek Into Darkness” makes for a darker, more evil feel as Benedict Cumberbatch takes off his “Sherlock” hat and puts… Read more »

Game of Thrones picks up speed in season 3

By ANDY LYONS (digitalBURG) – The third-to-last episode of the season for the show “Game of Thrones” called “Second Sons,” focused mainly on three storylines: Daenerys in Yunkai, Gendry’s arrival at Stannis Baratheon’s home of Dragonstone, and Tyrion’s marriage to Sansa Stark. All three come together well in what was the best episode of season… Read more »

“Doctor Who” revives classic 1967 villain

Story by JOSHUA LEONARD, for The Muleskinner— The year is 1983 and the Russians are hundreds of feet below sea level. They await the order to fire off nuclear missiles if anything above water goes awry. In the ice, the Russians found what they think is a mammoth of sorts and bring it onto their… Read more »

TV: “Doctor Who” and The Rings of Akhaten

By Josh Leonard (digitalBURG) – The Doctor takes his new companion Clara to a place audiences have never seen – The Rings of Akhaten. This episode was a very sci-fi-based episode. Yes, I know, “Doctor Who” is a science fiction show, but lately the Doctor has just been traveling to different parts of Earth’s time… Read more »

TV: “The Walking Dead” — “This Sorrowful Life” episode

Story by Joshua Leonard, for The Muleskinner – “This Sorrowful Life” episode reminded me why I love “The Walking Dead.” The episode had a lot of zombie-killing gore, but most of all, it had emotion. The emotion of the show is what captivates me and keeps me watching every Sunday night. “This Sorrowful Life” was… Read more »

Movie Review: “A Good Day to Die Hard”

Story by Joshua Leonard, for The Muleskinner— “A Good Day to Die Hard,” the fifth installment of the “Die Hard” franchise, was a decent action movie, but not a good “Die Hard” movie. In this film, John McClane (Bruce Willis) takes a ‘vacation’ to Moscow, Russia, to visit his son, Jack McClane, aka John McClane… Read more »

“The Walking Dead”: “Home” episode

Story by Joshua Leonard, for The Muleskinner— Sunday’s episode, “Home”, should have been the mid-season premiere. “Home” gave “The Walking Dead” fans everything we want out of season three. Spoiler alert: “Home” starts where we left off with the end of “Suicide King.” Rick is still off his rocker and chasing around a dead Lori… Read more »