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Snap Reactions: Kadaver, Municipal Waste, Lynyrd Skynyrd

by Chance Chamberlain

Snap Reactions is a column where two new albums and one classic album will be reviewed briefly after just one listen through. This provides instant thoughts and feelings that are often lost with multiple listens of an album. This week’s releases are Kadavar’s “For the Dead Travel Fast” and Municipal Waste’s “The Last Rager – EP”. The classic album of the week is Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Second Helping”. 

Kadavar – For the Dead Travel Fast

Kadaver – For the Dead Travel Fast

German psychedelic rock band Kadavar released their fifth project “For the Dead Travel Fast” on Friday, continuing to produce their sound with ease. The band takes great influence from the greats. Homage to Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath sonically pour out in every track. However, although the influence is there, it isn’t a copy. Kadavar developed a unique mixture of psych, stoner, and occult rock that shines brighter than ever on their latest release. “For the Dead Travel Fast” is a sonic adventure that brings the live performance charm to a studio recorded album.




Municipal Waste – The Last Rager – EP

Thrash metal heavyweights Municipal Waste brought the intensity on their latest EP, “The Last Rager.” Credited as creators of a subgenre of thrash all their own called “party thrash,” the band doesn’t let down. “The Last Rager” is filled with speedy riffs, precision drumming and intense vocal performances. Municipal Waste is not the kind to hold back, which is what makes “The Last Rager” a must listen for headbangers, moshers and metal fans alike. 

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Second Helping

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Second Helping

Lynyrd Skynyrd released “Second Helping” in 1974. The album followed up a successful first effort and the stakes were high. Skynyrd didn’t shy away from a challenge and delivered one of the strongest albums of the decade. All time great tracks “Sweet Home Alabama,” “Workin’ For MCA” and “Swamp Music” push the album forward. But it isn’t just the big hits, the b-sides on “Second Helping” are nothing short of great. Lynyrd Skynyrd delivered bluesy instrumentation inspired by their southern roots accompanied by soulful vocals. “Second Helping” is an album that leaves a lasting impression and is one that will for generations to come.

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