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Summer changes in housing

Story by CHRISTOPHER LUY, for The Muleskinner / Photos by ANDREW MATHER, Photo Editor Students returning to the residence halls will see many changes in many of the buildings. Overall, the changes are being made to help accommodate and give the students a better place to live. Enrollment has been going up for the past… Read more »

Jennies golfers just having fun

by JASON STRICKLAND, Sports Editor Getting experience and having fun is what Jennies head golf coach Chris Port said are his goals for the first group of Jennies golf players. With three freshmen, two juniors, one senior and a graduate student, the team certainly has a mix of stories and experience. It was difficult for… Read more »

Mules want balance

Story by JASON STRICKLAND, Sports Editor / Photo courtesy of UCM Media Relations Head football coach Jim Svoboda’s philosophy is to pass first and run second, but with sophomore running back LaVance Taylor coming off a 6.4 yards per carry average last season, that philosophy could change a little. Junior quarterback Mike Petersen, who is entering… Read more »

Mule Haul team works hard to help freshmen

Story by KEVIN LYON, for The Muleskinner / Photos by ANDREW MATHER, Photo Editor Move-in day can be overwhelming for incoming freshmen and their families. Traffic is crowded and the dorms are filled with excited students and worried parents. Mule Haul is a way that UCM helps out on move-in day. “There are around 700… Read more »

New semester at UCM brings nerves, excitement

by ELLEN BECKER, Managing Editor The back-to-school rush has begun and fresh faces can be seen throughout the halls and sidewalks. Move-in day was Sunday, and as most of you know, that means busy streets, packed stores and crowded restaurants. I’ve lived in Warrensburg my whole life, and it’s a pretty quiet town during the… Read more »

When aspirations and desire come full circle

by ANDY LYONS, News Editor This semester kicks off with me stepping into a pair of very large shoes leftover from my predecessor, Ellen Becker. I’d like to start off by telling the students and faculty a bit about myself.  This is my fourth year at the University of Central Missouri and my third as… Read more »

Unruly roommates can cause problems for some

by NICOLE COOKE, Digitalburg Everyone has had that one roommate who ate your Ramen, never bought toilet paper, wouldn’t take out the trash, and stayed up until 3 a.m. watching TV when they knew you had a 8 a.m. class. Brandon, a junior, went through three roommates his freshman year. “The first one was really… Read more »

Convergence a part of the changing face of journalism

by MITCHELL BROWN, Muleskinner As a new semester at Central begins, I find myself thinking about the amount of changes I’ve witnessed while here. One university president left, and a new one took office; a new student recreation center was built; and the major I chose, journalism, was phased out, but those enrolled prior to… Read more »