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UCM Communication Disorders Expands Clinic

The Welch-Schmidt Center for Communications Disorders at the University of Central Missouri has expanded and is now working with clients who have Parkinson’s Disease

A Parkinson Voice Project Grant was awarded in the Spring of 2019 and the expansion started the following fall semester.

Bonnie Slavych, speech-language pathologist and assistant professor, said they are trying to build up the medical aspect in the clinic with the Parkinson Voice Project.

“It focuses on voice but we are also working with how to teach our clients how to swallow properly,” Slavych said.

She said the clinic has largely consisted of children, but with the Parkinson Voice Project they are hoping to target more adult clients. 

Bryn Medley, second year Communication Disorders graduate student, said the Parkinson Voice Project has been a huge benefit to the program.

“I think it has helped me improve my skills as a therapist through the training it provides,” Medley said. “It is definitely an area I want to continue treating once I graduate.” 

She said the Parkinson Voice Project helped the program reach a new demographic and enables them to give back to the community.

Katelyn Backs, graduate student clinician, said the program requires specific training for speech-language pathologists to complete before working with the clients, which provides them with continuing education that they are able to utilize when working with that specific population.

“This program has provided more experience for us as clinicians to work with more adult voice clients and to gain experience using a global treatment approach,” Backs said.

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