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Zombieland 2: Double Tap — The same problems

“Zombieland 2: Double Tap,” is like the original film in many ways. It’s similar in terms of comedy, action and overall quality. Its problems are similar to the original’s as well, like feeling pointless at times and not carrying much weight.  

Don’t get me wrong. “Double Tap,” like the original, can be hilarious, entertaining and fun. While other zombie movies, TV shows and comics are dark and depressing, “Zombieland” and its sequel are a blast The zombie apocalypse, known as Zombieland, is treated more like a video game than a real apocalypse, with our four likeable characters having a great time gunning down zombies. 

In addition, those other zombie films try to explain how the survivors get supplies like ammunition, gas, food, etc. In the “Zombieland” movies, they never do. They just shrug it off. It’s a fun, action-adventure movie, so why should it get bogged down trying to explain any of that? I personally respect both movies for being willing to do that. This aspect only gets distracting when the movie goes too far by making fun of those other zombie movies for being unrealistic.    

As a sequel, “Double Tap” tries to continue beats from the original. The character development here feels natural within the story, but not in the time frame. What happens, in terms of their group dynamic, feels like what should occur after the first film. But this movie is set ten years after the original. So as an audience member, you have to buy into the idea that all of this time has gone by, and only now are they addressing these personal issues.  

Despite having a more straightforward plot, “Double Tap” feels pointless when you stop to think about it. A lot of stuff happens along the way in this road trip film that can be funny and/or action packed, but doesn’t contribute to the story. They are good scenes; they just seem out of place when compared to the rest of the movie. 

The film doesn’t leave a lasting impression. After seeing this movie, I had to struggle to remember exactly what happened, despite the fact that I enjoyed watching it. Again, that is something “Double Tap” has in common with the original, which didn’t leave much of an impact either. 

These movies are both a bit frustrating when you get down to it. Not because they’re bad movies, just that they could have been even better. They have so much going for them, yet they feel forgettable in the end. Both could have been just as memorable as the Zombie movies that they were parodying.

If you want what you saw in the first “Zombieland,” then you’ll have a fun time with “Double Tap.” But if you’re wanting something more, you won’t find it here. “Double Tap” has a lot going for it—good comedy, action and acting—but it falls short in some ways.


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