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We should all understand why the Chiefs fired Kareem Hunt

Kareem Hunt had to go. When I sat down to write about the controversy surrounding the Kansas City Chiefs decision to release running back Kareem Hunt following the release of a video in which Hunt committed violence against a woman, I wondered, “Is this really necessary?” My question was answered when I saw overwhelming support… Read more »

Writing about death

Looking back to August, when I was told that I was responsible for editing the obituaries we receive and making sure they got published online in Associated Press style, I remember thinking, “Wow, what a sad responsibility.” In particular because I tend to enjoy the “good news.” I am the features editor, which typically involves… Read more »

Thoughts after Pittsburgh

The flags on the flagpoles rested at half-staff the morning of Oct. 29, the initial sign that the university took steps to observe the victims of Saturday morning’s shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue on Oct. 27 in Pittsburgh. As a Jewish individual in Warrensburg, I am finding it harder and harder to cope… Read more »

Reflecting on a lifetime in education

By Morris Collins/ guest columnist I was born Morris Lynn Collins in May 1947.  I am a native Missourian and lifelong resident of the Warrensburg area.  I was reared on a farm in rural Johnson County, attending a one-room country schoolhouse until integration of schools placed me in the fourth grade in Warrensburg Public Schools… Read more »

A look back over years spent teaching

By John Culp/ guest columnist I came from a 420-acre farm 7 miles north of Warrensburg.  I started first grade in 1953.  All my schooling, Grade 1 through Grade 12 was in the Humphreys Building.  All of us were part of the Training School, with lots of student teachers, especially in high school.  We had… Read more »

Project Green Challenge: Centering the focus on energy

By Jasmine Bylander Whether we live on campus or not we all use the electricity here. We charge our phones and watch television while eating meals. But have you ever wondered where it all comes from? I did, so I dug deep, talked to many different people including the Office of Sustainability and Facilities Planning… Read more »

Total “Fortnite” Takeover

Hearing the name “Fortnite” probably already has you itching to ditch class and kick back on your couch with a controller in hand. What’s so special about a game that is supposedly a rip-off of the game “Player Unknown BattleGrounds”? Maybe it’s all the cartoonish features that were created so this game could be a… Read more »

Safety awareness on campus

When choosing a college, a main factor all students and guardians must consider is location. Location is an important factor for college students because it gives us a sense of community. The beautiful University of Central Missouri is located along U.S. Highway 50 between Kansas City and St. Louis, drawing in many students from all… Read more »

How to survive your freshman year

College is a stressful time. Some feel like they are in the shallow end, and others feel like they are drowning in the deep end. So here’s to the freshmen, and what college students wish they knew before taking off their life vests and drowning in the craziness of college (you really don’t drown, everything… Read more »

Cutting the president’s salary is not the answer

The president of our university earns more than anyone else at our university. In the university’s current financial climate, it is understandable that a little more attention has been given to that fact. The attention has become more prevalent and more open. It is also a bit misguided. At the student forum held on April… Read more »