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A letter from an essential worker

I want to start this letter out by apologizing to all my professors. During this time I have not been doing my best with homework and projects because it is hard to find the time. I am trying my best to keep up with everything.  During the first week of quarantine I struggled with all… Read more »

Social responsibility

Warrensburg Middle School experienced a phone outage Feb. 9. The system was down for about a week, which seemed like a long period of time. As this was unfolding in our community, families in Florida were dealing with a school shooting. Our readership includes faculty and staff who have children that attend the school district,… Read more »

We learn from each other

Dear Editor, Johnson County Citizens for Environmental Action (CEA) would like to thank all who joined our Earth Day at the Farm Celebration a few weeks back. We all learned something that day, as this note will show. One of our guests at Earth Day walked her dog to our event, and she proudly shared… Read more »

Women’s studies reacts to immigration ban

Dear Editor, The recent executive order issued by President Donald Trump suspending entry to the U.S. by those from seven countries has left many confused and unsure, and some angry. While border security is an issue of great concern, we in the Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies Program stand in support with many local and national… Read more »

Ask Adalyn: graduate school

I’ve been considering going to Grad school at UCM but am worried I’m settling because I don’t think if I go somewhere more appropriate for my degree I’ll be able to afford it as easily… I’m at a crossroad, what do you think? The choice of where to go after you finish your undergraduate degree… Read more »

Study for finals

By SARA FOOS Reporter (WARRENSBURG, Mo., digitalBURG) — Before you can leave for winter break you have to study for your finals. You have to just study more so you have a better grade on your final. Before finals week, you have to start studying. It’s not very fun to do but you will have… Read more »

The night of November 2

Dear Editor, What occurred on UCM’s campus the night of Nov. 2, presented a rare opportunity for students to be exposed to two viewpoints on almost the same issue: How should America deal with Islam and Muslim culture? Prior to Nov. 2 I was indifferent to this topic and did not give it much attention…. Read more »

Freshman year can be tough, but don’t stress

By SARA FOOS Reporter (WARRENSBURG, Mo., digitalBURG) — I have some advice to share just for freshmen and people who are new to college. This advice should help you out on campus and off campus. Before the first day of each semester, you should find out where your classes are located. Just finding out where… Read more »