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Romancing the Public

Rom-coms and Nicholas Sparks.  There are several people who love them and aren’t afraid to shout it from the rooftops, but mention a romance novel and they run for the hills. However, this is not the case for TV shows such as “Sex and the City” and “Jane the Virgin”, maybe even “The Carrie Diaries”,… Read more »

Mollie Tibbetts is a victim, not a point of contention

The human race is capable of inflicting an incredible amount of hatred and malice upon members of its own in an unfathomable variety of ways. This propensity for heartlessness, soullessness – inhumanity – has surfaced once again. Last month, 20-year-old Mollie Tibbetts, a student at the University of Iowa studying psychology, went for a run…. Read more »

Design Illustrator says goodbye

(WARRENSBURG, Mo.)-When I transferred to UCM two years ago, I picked up a Muleskinner print paper with a big Pikachu on the front sitting in a news stand. Inside the paper there was an ad that read, “Do you like to draw? The Muleskinner is seeking illustrators looking to improve their portfolio with comics, graphics… Read more »

Managing editor says goodbye

(WARRENSBURG, Mo.) –This paper – the one you’re not actually holding due to our abeyance – is my last paper at UCM. I’m leaving and so is a good chunk of my staff. They’re going off in their own ways after graduation – some back home, some to other jobs or off traveling. Wherever we’re… Read more »

Lifestyle editor says goodbye

(WARRENSBURG, Mo.) –When I started working at the Muleskinner two years ago, I had no idea the impact it would have on my life. Working with such driven, intelligent individuals has pushed me to be a better and more confident person, writer and journalist. I owe so much of who I am to this place…. Read more »

News editor says goodbye

The news editor at the Muleskinner is in charge of writing and editing news stories, talking to and guiding contributors, being the right hand of the managing editor and various other duties that are picked up as needed. I took my position as the news editor very seriously. I gave as much as I could… Read more »

Missing the point: informational forum becomes frustrating

(WARRENSBURG, Mo.) – I was one of the 250 or so students who attended the student budget forum April 3. It took only about 45 minutes for me to start sinking into disappointment and shocked disillusionment as though I were standing in quicksand – and there were about two hours left. President Chuck Ambrose, Interim… Read more »

Do a social media detox, your mental health is at stake

I’ve been on a social media detox. What started as a fun bet with a friend turned into a life-changing experience. This has been a really big change and pretty eye-opening. It’s calmed my mind and helped relieve anxiety, and since I started this a few weeks ago, I haven’t had a single suicidal thought… Read more »

How to navigate

A guide to navigating our new website: The Muleskinner staff recently changed from the main website of the Muleskinner to the main portal of the University of Central Missouri’s Department of Communication’s three media platforms – Muleskinner for news, CentralTV for television and the Beat for radio. digitalBURG is the landing page for all… Read more »