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A review: Looking for Alaska

I read “Looking for Alaska” by John Green.  “Looking for Alaska” is about a boy named Miles who is a new student at a boarding school.  There, he meets a girl named Alaska, who is wild and crazy by pulling pranks, smoking cigarettes, and getting them into trouble with their dorm keeper.  While at school,… Read more »

REVIEW: ‘The Dark tower’ series: The Gunslinger

I read “The Gunslinger”, the first book of “The Dark Tower” series by Stephen King.  I have always loved Stephen King.  His vocabulary, figurative language, and imagery are amazing.  After seeing the movie adaptation over the summer, I wanted to read the book. I found the series in the James C. Kirkpatrick library by looking… Read more »

‘Deadpool’ The merc with a mouth

By ADAM KNAEBEL Reporter Action? Comedy? Marvel? Fourth wall breaks? Count me in. These were the thoughts going through my mind a little over a year ago when the test footage for “Deadpool” leaked. So yea, this movie has been on my radar for quite a while, but did it live up to my expectations?… Read more »

Mockingjay: Part II review

By ADAM KNAEBEL Reporter The latest installment in the trend of making a movie a “two parter” is the last film in the Hunger Games series, “Mockingjay Part II.” Jennifer Lawrence suits up and grabs a bow for the last time, portraying Katniss Everdeen, the face of a rebellion against the overpowering, cruel Capitol. “Mockingjay… Read more »

‘Kick-Ass 2’ “not fantastic like the first”

By ANDREW LINK (digitalBURG) — Before we dive in, two things. First, stay through the credits. Second, I want to preface the statement I’m about to make by saying that the first “Kick-Ass” movie was well-written, well-performed, witty and an all-around good film that is worth watching. “Kick-Ass 2” seemed like a made-for-TV movie by… Read more »

‘Elysium:’ a well-paced action adventure

By ANDREW LINK (digitalBURG) — Matt Damon and Jodie Foster need no introductions, which is always something that should make a viewer wary of poor writing and production. It’s a weird regression wherein actors get famous by being in fantastic films and then stay famous by being a Band-Aid on horrible wounds inflicted upon the… Read more »

‘2 Guns’: great cinematography, terrible screenplay

By ANDREW LINK (digitalBURG) — It’s probably unfair to expect much out of a movie when the director got his degree from a drama school in Iceland (sorry, Baltasar Kormákur). Fortunately for “2 Guns,” the casting agents were willing to sell their souls to sign a list of stars long enough to make a NASA… Read more »

‘Wolverine,’ a summer movie that finally delivers

By ANDREW LINK (digitalBURG) — Marvel promised a different type of superhero movie with “The Wolverine” and made some giant leaps toward fulfilling this promise. It’s easy to forget that you’re watching a superhero film for long stretches. While it’s not exactly as dark as, well, “The Dark Knight,” the story delves into the life… Read more »