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Faculty Senate awaits decision on raise request

Faculty at UCM has gone without across-the-board pay increases for nearly three years and the salary compression brought to light by Faculty Senate reports in 2017 continues to exist two years later. Salary compression occurs when there is a lack of variation in employee salaries regardless of experience or skill. UCM faces a situation where… Read more »

UCM administration updates healthcare plan, faculty responds

The University of Central Missouri administration updated the employee health care plan at the beginning of September. Employees now have the opportunity to choose between three options. The new addition is the Exclusive Provider Organization plan, and UCM President Chuck Ambrose described it as “groundbreaking in higher education” in a memo sent out to employees… Read more »

Working to define post-tenure review, Faculty Senate extends timeline

By LEAH WANKUM Managing Editor (WARRENSBURG, Mo., digitalBURG) — Post-tenure review is a policy at UCM, but no one really knows what it means yet. The UCM board of governors voted March 27, 2015, to approve new faculty classifications. The new classifications included post-tenure review for library and tenure-track faculty. However, the proposal to the board of… Read more »