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MO legislators aim to tackle deferred maintenance

Ward Edwards’ leaky roof may be a thing of the past if deferred maintenance funding stays in the state’s higher education budgetThe budget, as it stands, would provide each state university with $1 million in deferred maintenance funding. Gov. Mike Parson outlined his requests for higher education funding during his State of the State address… Read more »

Census reveals UCM enrollment down

The Fall 2018 enrollment census report revealed what many expected: Enrollment at UCM is down markedly from where it was in Fall 2015 and Fall 2016. The report came out in October and was presented to the Board of Governors Oct. 26. The total enrollment is 11,487, the lowest it has been since 2010. The… Read more »

Success Advising Center holds grand opening

Some 150 people attended the grand-opening celebration Wednesday for the new Success Advising Center in the lower level of the Elliott Student Union. Kenneth Schueller, director of success advising, said UCM students, staff, faculty and administration officials, along with members of the Warrensburg City Council, Warrensburg Chamber of Commerce, members of the engineering design firm… Read more »

Financing in place, Union renovation proceeds

After a few years of planning, construction is close to beginning on the renovations to the Elliott Student Union. The Elliott Student Union Master Plan Phase I Project includes the addition of a 300-seat auditorium, revisions to the south entrance facing Clark Street and modifications to Steak ‘n Shake and the Union Bowling Center. In… Read more »

UCM honors Ambrose, welcomes Best

The campus community recognized and thanked former UCM President Chuck Ambrose for his eight years of service during an appreciation celebration Thursday, Aug. 23, at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center. Ambrose was joined by his wife, Kris, at the event, which included remarks by interim President Roger Best and Board of Governors President John… Read more »

UCM president’s six areas of focus

Interim President Roger Best outlined six areas of focus for UCM in his State of the University Address Wednesday: Sustainable financial and operating structure, academic program quality, institutional culture, alumni engagement and fundraising, growing enrollment, and marketing and branding. Sustainable financial and operating structure “We’ve got to get away from routine work that’s repetitive and… Read more »

Interim president plans to maintain forward momentum

Despite the unexpected change in the presidency at the University of Central Missouri, this year is not merely a bridge to next year and the school’s interim president is not simply keeping the seat warm. Roger Best, who assumed the role of interim president on Aug. 1, delivered his first State of the University Address… Read more »