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SideTracked: Say with certainty – Reviewing Swans’ 15th album

leaving meaning. – Swans Released 10/25/2019 – Young God Records Genres: Experimental Rock/Gothic Country/Post-Rock/Avant-Folk The new Swans album is an hour and a half long meditation on existence. As the name suggests, “leaving meaning.” deals heavily with the absurd—from questioning our reality in “Annaline” to the dizzying dichotomies delivered on its title track. It’s also… Read more »

SideTracked: A nasty temperament – A guide to Swans

Swans have one of the most harrowing and imposing discographies in rock music. With 15 studio albums and over 20 live albums and compilations, it can feel almost impossible to decide where to dive in.  In addition to the sheer quantity of music Swans has put out, they’ve experimented with many different sounds and styles…. Read more »