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Jason Kander receives SGA award

VIDEO BY KAITLIN BROTHERS / MULTIMEDIA EDITOR (WARRENSBURG, Mo. )-Jason Kander, Missouri’s former secretary of state, received an award from UCM’s Student Government Association. Kander came to UCM April 20 to receive the James C. Kirkpatrick Excellence in Governance Award, which was created to honor James C. Kirkpatrick, who served as the secretary of state… Read more »

Students have many questions at SGA forum

VIDEO BY KAITLIN BROTHERS / MULTIMEDIA EDITOR (WARRENSBURG, Mo. )– The Student Government Association student forum was held last Tuesday with President Chuck Ambrose, Interim Provost-Chief Learning Officer Mike Godard, and Interim Executive Vice President and COO Roger Best. Students lined up to ask Ambrose and Godard many questions about the reorganization of the College… Read more »

Faces of UCM: Jacob Clark

VIDEO BY KAITLIN BROTHERS / MULTIMEDIA EDITOR (WARRENSBURG, Mo.)–Jacob Clark, a junior digital media production major, has worked at KMOS TV for the past two years and is the president of the filmmakers and actors coalition. He has very high goals after college of becoming a famous movie director by using his various experience and… Read more »

I’m First to Finish: new campus organization supports first-generation students

VIDEO BY KAITLIN BROTHERS / MULTIMEDIA EDITOR (WARRENSBURG, Mo.)– I’m First to Finish is a new campus organization designed to assist first-generation college students by helping find recourses, financial questions, mentorship and more. On Thursday, Feb. 8 there was a first-generation panel with professors and one student, Jasmyne Everett, to talk about their hardships as… Read more »

Faces of UCM: Connor Bosworth

VIDEO BY KAITLIN BROTHERS / MULTIMEDIA EDITOR (WARRENSBURG, Mo.)–Connor Bosworth is a senior theater student majoring in performance, and has loved performing all his life. He has been an actor in many theater productions at UCM, as well as act in films for the 48 Hour Film Festivals. “There’s something about standing on this stage… Read more »